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Best Home Gym: Buyers’ Guide

No matter which home gym you buy, you need to know certain things in order to assure that you’re getting the right machine for you. We cover a few things here to help you make sure you’re getting the right home gym.
Budget and Value: Is it worth the money?
Two of the biggest things to consider when buying a home gym, or equipment in general, is the price and value. Too many people nowadays think that the more expensive something is means the better it is. That’s not true.
Know how much you want to spend and how much you’re willing to spend. If you have all the money available, then you can go for the best of the best, but you don’t need it. Compare the value of a home gym that fits you and your space to its price and determine if they’re equivalent or if one is higher than the other. If the price is higher, you might want to look at another option. If its value is higher, it might be a steal. Compare your options and determine which is best for you this way.
There are great options even if you’re on a budget. Depending on what you want to accomplish with your home gym, you may require a lot or a small amount of equipment. Regardless of which side you fall on, the best things to do in any scenario are to get secondhand equipment, such as on eBay, or go to an off-price department store. This will save you a lot in the long run.
In general, you shouldn’t spend too much when first setting up your home gym. Start with just what you need and build from that over time, don’t waste money and buy what you don’t need because you “might use it.”
Space: Do you have enough space?
One of the best spaces for a home gym is a garage or basement, but not everyone has these available. A good home gym does require a lot of space, but you need to work with what you have.
Measure your space and think about what you want to accomplish. What exercises do you want to do? Which equipment fits those exercises? Unless you have an adjustable dumbbell, which saves a lot of space since you can switch the weight on it, you’re going to need a rack. Depending on what you’re doing, if you plan to squat or deadlift, you’ll need a power rack, a barbell, weights, etc. If you plan to bench, you’re going to need a bench. Determine what you need and if you have space for it.
Many people want a treadmill or elliptical too, but running outside is also an option if you don’t have space inside. You’ll probably want a mirror too, which means you won’t want anything, or too much, in front of it. Work with what you have, determine what you need, and go from there. Only get as much as you need, let your gym evolve from there.
Equipment: What Equipment do you need?
Depending on what you plan to work out depends on your equipment. Like we stated in the last section, you’ll want a squat/power rack for squats, a bench for bench, weights and barbells for both. At the least, dumbbells, racks, barbells, and weights are must-haves for home gyms.
Depending on what you’re doing, you may want a treadmill or elliptical. Maybe a jump rope, yoga mat, medicine ball, ab-roller, punching bag, etc. A mirror is also generally a must to watch yourself working out or for motivation. I, for one, find it easier to work out in front of a mirror just to make sure I’m doing everything correctly in order to avoid any possible injury.
Other possible equipment would be a dip belt, a dip station, a lat pulldown, and more. Determine what you’re looking for, if you’re getting a home gym machine and what exercises it covers, your space, budget, and everything else. Off of these, you’ll be able to determine your needed equipment.
If you don’t know what to get, get what was first mentioned: dumbbells, a rack, barbells, and weights. Free weights are the best, especially with strength training.

Susan Miller 8 months ago
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