YouTube Leanback Now Available for Big Screen Consumption

We all got a sneak peek of YouTube Leanback at Google I/O earlier this year, if you remember, during the Google TV unveiling. Now, YouTube has officially launched the service to the public for use on large screen computer displays and HDTVs. The one odd thing people will notice right off the bat is that YouTube [...]

Samsung Blu-ray Players Now Support YouTube, Blockbuster, MKV

Almost every month we hear about new supported services being added to networked Blu-ray players and HDTVs from the likes of LG, Samsung, and others. Today Samsung is pushing out a new firmware update that adds YouTube (not YouTube HD — at least not yet) and Blockbuster video streaming to its line of Network Blu-ray [...]

YouTube Premium Movie Rentals May Soon Become a Reality

Wall Street Journal is reporting that YouTube is in negotiations with Lions Gate Entertainment Corp., Sony Corp. and Warner Bros. to deliver premium movie titles to users for a fee. The price, insiders say, will be around $3.99 with new titles made available the same day DVDs are released. The same insiders tell the WSJ [...]

YouTube Gets Supersized for TV

YouTube has quietly rolled out a made-for-TV UI for their video portal called YouTube XL. Thankfully, users can access it directly from any web browser that supports Flash. After a quick run-through, I found that YouTube XL worked fairly well. The design is not the most attractive thing I've seen, but it works. In fact, [...]

First Look: YouTube TV Shows and Movie Channels

In a move that's obviously a shot across the bow of Hulu, YouTube has announced that visitors can now view "thousands of television episodes and hundreds of movies" instantly through the site from partners like Crackle, CBS, MGM, Lionsgate, and Starz. Visitors can access the TV show and movie content via the site's newly added [...]

Get PlayOn Server Content in Windows Media Center with vmcPlayIt

If you're running MediaMall's PlayOn server application ($39.99 - 14 day free trial available) on your Windows Vista PC, you're gonna be ecstatic to learn that a freeware add-in called vmcPlayIt has been released that will display available Netflix, Amazon VOD, Hulu, YouTube, CBS, CNN, ESPN content directly through the Windows Vista Media Center and [...]

LG’s Network Blu-ray Player to Get CinemaNow and YouTube Support

Looks like the guys at LG aren't threatened by the likes of Samsung's BD-P2500. LG is announcing that in the next few weeks owners of their BD300 Network Blu-ray Player will gain access to CinemaNow – including its HD library – and YouTube content directly from their player. These new enhancements are in addition to [...]

VUDU Adds Internet Content to Its Lineup

Look out! VUDU is taking their HD video on-demand box to a new level. The company is announcing the immediate availability of Internet content from sources like Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, as well as, a new “On Demand TV” feature with specialized material from more than 120 channels. But the best news, users will begin seeing [...]