Give YouTube Leanback on Your PC Wiimote Support with WiiLeanback

This hack will probably appeal more to geeky users among us, but it's still cool nonetheless. With a simple program called WiiLeanback for your Windows PC or HTPC, you can enable Wiimote compatibility for use with the YouTube Leanback web interface (requires a Bluetooth USB dongle). According to the demo (attached below), the Wiimote duplicates the [...]

Prediction: Windows Media Center Will Benefit from Google TV’s HTML5 Web App Push

Gotta love the open web! Earlier today YouTube launched its Leanback offering showcasing what an HTML5, TV-optimized web app can look and function like. did as much at Google I/O with their app. While both of these apps were designed with Google TV in mind, they, and others like them, can be used by [...]

YouTube Leanback Now Available for Big Screen Consumption

We all got a sneak peek of YouTube Leanback at Google I/O earlier this year, if you remember, during the Google TV unveiling. Now, YouTube has officially launched the service to the public for use on large screen computer displays and HDTVs. The one odd thing people will notice right off the bat is that YouTube [...]