Xtreamer Ultra’s 249€ Package Deal is ‘Ultra’ Special (Ends 4/30/2011)

The folks at Xtreamer are getting really good at marketing and building buzz around their products. They're now announcing a new special that will provide customers with their Xtreamer Ultra along with some added goodies and upgrades. For 249€ customers will get the Intel Atom D525 / ION 2 powered Xtreamer Ultra with 4GB of DDR3 [...]

Xtreamer Prodigy Turns Up the Heat on the Media Streamer Competition

Xtreamer is announcing their latest media streamer, the Xtreamer Prodigy, which can also double as a home and remote server courtesy of its NFS and DDnS functionality. The new Xtreamer Prodigy makes use of Realtek's 1185 chipset, which allows the device to support full 1080p HD video with 7.1 channel DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby [...]

New Xtreamer Ultra Media Streamer / HTPC Set to Debut at CeBIT 2011

Why settle for a high-powered media streamer like the Boxee Box when you can get one that can double as an HTPC as well? Well, that's what Xtreamer is looking to offer with its new mini-ITX Xtreamer Ultra product, set to debut at CeBIT next month. The Xtreamer Ultra is an "aggressively priced" media streamer [...]

iPad-friendly iXtreamer Networked Media Player Now on Sale

Got an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and are considering buying a new Apple TV? Stop and have a look at Xtreamer's latest offering, the $226 iXtreamer networked media player. The device features an integrated dock, with charging capability, for your iDevices that will allow you to play your stored media (app support is planned) [...]

Sneak Peek: Xtreamer Remote for Android

According to an email we just received, Xtreamer will soon be releasing an Android and iPhone remote app in conjunction with its upcoming 2.0 firmware update (currently in Beta). A teaser video is attached below. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TYM3Q1D-5w]

Xtreamer eTRAYz 2-Bay NAS Coming Soon, Current Xtreamer Media Streamer Owners Get First Dibs

All I can say is, WOW. Xtreamer will soon be launching a new 2-Bay NAS product to compliment their Xtreamer Media Streamer. The new device will be known as the Xtreamer eTRAYz and will be available to current Xtreamer Media Streamer owners until October 31, 2009 for just €59 (plus €20 shipping)! But don't let [...]

Xtreamer Promo Video Released, User-Created Demos in Tow

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1emJdtjyWY] I have to admit. When we first got the news about a new digital media streamer / NAS called Xtreamer in June, my first thoughts were: this sounds too good to be true; this could be vaporware. Well, neither is the case. Xtreamer is the real deal and the UI that I was curious about [...]

Xtreamer HDD Media Player / Streamer Hits the Scene

We just got tipped off about the launch of Xtreamer. A new HDD Media Player / Streamer that's ready to compete with the big boys — and apparently tops them all according to product comparisons with WDTV, Tvix, Popcorn Hour, and Mvix. Product highlights include: built-in UPnP server and client functionality, 1080p HDMI 1.3a spec [...]