Nielsen Survey Reveals How People Prefer to Use Hulu vs. Netflix

Kudos to Nielsen. The company has conducted a survey which reveals how people actually use Hulu and Netflix. Not surprisingly, people like watching TV shows on Hulu (73%) and movies primarily via Netflix (53%), which makes sense since Hulu is made up of TV network content (well, at least a majority of it is) and Netflix [...]

doubleTwist Adds AirTwist DLNA Handset Server Media Streaming to Its Android AirSync App

Own an Android device and still living in an iTunes world? Well then... your favorite Android app, doubleTwist AirSync ($4.99), has just added a new feature that will allow you to stream your handset's synced iTunes media content to an Xbox 360 or PS3. The new feature comes at no charge, if you already have [...]

Kinect on the Xbox 360 Gets Windows Phone 7 Companion Gameplay Functionality

If you thought Kinect on the Xbox 360 was cool, have a look at this demo Microsoft just put out as part their exhibition at the Mobile World Congress. It shows how your Windows Phone 7 can join the gameplay. Essentially, a Windows Phone 7 user(s) can manipulate what's happening on the screen in tandem [...]

Kinect Hand Gesture Control for Windows 7 and Media Center Anyone?

Looks like the guys at Evoluce have ran with the newly available OpenKinect drivers (freely available for Windows 7, Linux, and Mac OS X) and created a new multi-touch experience that we'll all soon get to enjoy. A demo of Evoluce's Kinect-enabled drivers in action are attached below running on a Windows 7 PC, manipulating [...]

Microsoft Working on Expanding TV Content Options for the Xbox 360

Reuters is reporting that sources close to Microsoft have confirmed that the company has been courting TV networks to license their programming for a new online pay-television subscription offering. The TV content would be delivered through the Xbox 360 game console and potentially be available to Windows Media Center powered devices like the new Windows [...]

Netflix CEO Confirms the Obvious: People Aren’t Crazy about Watching Long-form Video on Portable Devices

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, stunned the Web 2.0 Summit moderator (and possibly many in the audience) this week when he responded that portable devices like the iPhone and iPad have had "very little" impact on their business. It's actually kind of funny to watch (jump to: 02:51). The moderator, with his iPad by his side, [...]

AT&T U-verse to Make Its Way on the Xbox 360

Talk about convergence! AT&T is getting set to launch a new dashboard app for the Xbox 360 this November that will allow users to set the game console up as an additional U-verse set-top on the home network (will require a "connection kit" for each console). Once configured, the Xbox 360 will become, in essence, [...]

UPDATED: Xbox 360 Kinect Hand Gesture Media Controls, Voice Control, TV Video Chat

You may have heard the news this morning that Microsoft has a unveiled a new gaming controller on the eve of the E3 expo called Kinect (previously known as Project Natal - event highlights). The new controller tracks the movement of a player(s) via the use of cameras on a TV webcam-like device. It's pretty ingenious [...]