XBMC ‘Surface’ Skin Impresses

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YG2HudEpBGk] While it's posted as a teaser on the XBMC developer blog, Surface is a skin designed by phyek and minimalko that has currently been shelved. However, I think you'll agree that it needs to be brought back out and made public. The whole design aesthetic is outstanding. Below are some project background details from phyek: Originally [...]

Tip: Run XBMC on Almost Any PC with XBMC Live

A commenter recently brought up how he was going to use XBMC Live with an HTPC he was going to build. Honestly, I forgot that such a thing was available. XBMC Live was announced briefly in a paragraph in the August 2008 release notes of "Atlantis". Curious, I decided to take it for a spin. [...]

Plex for Mac OS X Gets Netflix Support

I just got wind of the news. It looks like on April 8th a Netflix plugin for Plex was rolled out that allows people to navigate and play content from Netflix's "Watch Instantly" service. The Netflix plugin for Plex requires the latest version of Silverlight to be installed on your Mac for it to work. [...]

Plex/Seven Released – Adds Some New Worthwhile Features

Ok, so there are about 2-3 biggies in the Plex 0.7.0 release. Plex now bundles in what's called the Plex Media Server (a standalone application) so users can access content from their iLife apps including DRM protected iTunes tracks, the addition of TV series theme music when navigating a show's archive page, and user submitted [...]

Boxee Adds Hulu and Other Online Video Portal Support

Details from Boxee: "The October 20th release of boxee takes the great user interface of our social media center to control all of your downloaded media, and adds the great streaming content from CBS, Comedy Channel and Hulu! When your friends watch a TV show or movie that is on any one of these (and [...]

ATV Bootloader Adds XBMC & Boxee Functionality to Apple TV

Big news today for all the Apple product hack lovers. Andrew Kippen at Stage Two Consulting (Boxee's marketing partner) has tipped me off that as of this morning ATV Bootloader has added the XBMC and Boxee plugin to ATV USB Creator. So what does this mean to the average joe? Andrew says: "AppleTV will play [...]

XBMC Remote for iPhone / iPod Touch

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcifQ2fapu4] Video Demo by AppStoreApps.com - Full Review If you're running XBMC on a computer (or old Xbox) and own an iPod Touch or iPhone, you're gonna love this news. David Fumberger (dba collect3) has published an XMBC remote app that allows you to navigate through your media collection unobtrusively with only your iPhone / iPod Touch. [...]

Plex Partners with CenterStage to Provide Users an Enhanced Interface

When I first heard the news that Plex (aka OSXMBC) and CenterStage were getting together, I was under the impression they were going to merge the two projects. However, that's not entirely the case. Elan, Plex's lead developer, explains in his announcement comments that Plex will remain the backend (bypassing BackStage) and that the CenterStage [...]