Could the Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad Be the Ultimate HTPC Remote?

If you own an HTPC, keeping an eye out the perfect wireless remote is just about an everyday affair. However, folks, I think this may be the one to hold the HTPC remote crown for some time. The Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard is designed to work with all versions of Windows and is compatible with [...]

XBMC and Boxee on Windows Get the Kinect Treatment, Courtesy of KinEmote

Thought Kinect working with Windows Media Center was a cool? Check out the Kinect implementation for XBMC and Boxee. The KinEmote project, as its being called, uses the same PrimeSense drivers for Windows we saw demonstrated earlier, but the KinEmote devs have packaged them up in a way that's easy for people to install. Enjoy! Let us [...]

AirPlay Unofficially Finds Its Way to XBMC

OK, we've seen an AirPlay hack that allows an iDevice to zap content over to a Mac for playback as if it were an Apple TV. Now, we're seeing an iDevice, in this case an iPad, zap content over to XBMC running on Ubuntu / Linux. The python script, as you can see in the [...]

XBMC ‘Dharma’ 10.0 Released, Brings a Slew of Welcome Platform Enhancements

The hard working devs behind XBMC are proud to announce that XBMC 10.0 is finally ready and available to the public. The major update now provides the ability for users to find new themes/skins, plugins/add-ons, and scrappers directly through the application itself — previously users had to scour XBMC's forums to find such enhancements. In [...]

XBMC Dharma Beta Release Debuts a New Add-on System

If you're a fan of XBMC, you're gonna love the new Dharma Beta release. The XBMC developers have been hard at work at rebuilding the platform to optimize its core functionality and its extensions (full list of milestones). According to XMBC, the new release rolls out a new add-on system that will separate playback components, [...]

ZOTAC ZBOX HD-ID11 Gets Unboxed, Equipped, and XBMC Loaded

There's much to like in this attached vidcast produced by ZOTAC. It features the company's latest, most capable mini barebones PC, the ZOTAC ZBOX HD-ID11. In the video you'll see the mini PC get unboxed in typical fashion, but then cracked open and equipped with the hardware needed to get the device ready for the [...]

Xperience XBMC Skin Teaser Video

Team Blackbolt out of the UK is getting set to release this fantastic skin for XBMC. As you'll see in the video below, Xperience is influenced heavily by Microsoft's NXE (New Xbox Experience) interface — though, I must say, Xperience has it beat in some areas. The Public Beta of this skin will be offered [...]

Myka ION HD Player – Features Hulu, Boxee, XBMC

Wow, I think we might have a winner here. The folks at Myka have created a hybrid HD media player / HTPC that's based on Ubuntu. The Myka ION provides a custom media dashboard that one boots straight into on top of a fully configured and optimized PC that supports Hulu, Boxee, XBMC, and other [...]