Best Buy Intros the $299.99 Rocketfish 4-port Wireless HD Kit

If you've been looking for a relatively inexpensive solution to wirelessly connect your HDMI equipped A/V gear to your HDTV, Rocketfish's 4-port Wireless HD kit (RF-WHD200) might be the answer to your needs. The $299.99 kit provides a wireless 1080p/60 and 3D video connection from up to 32-feet away using WirelessHD 60GHz technology (latency is [...]

WiGig Specification to Be Integrated in Next Generation Wi-Fi Standard

First there was 802.11 b, then came a, then g, then n, and now...? Well, we'll soon find out 'cause the Wi-Fi Alliance has teamed up the WiGig Alliance to integrate their technologies for the next generation Wi-Fi standard. We've covered WiGig before. The technology basically functions at the 60Ghz frequency band and provides data [...]