CE Pro Sheds Light on the State of Wireless HDMI Connectivity Peripherals

CE Pro's article originally was supposed to be about Monster Cable teaming up with Sigma Designs to create their own Wireless HD technology called Monster Digital Express HD. However, the writer went into some detail on why consumers are seeing a lag in Wireless HD product shipments of the Gefen Wireless HD (based on Tzero [...]

Home Network Technologies Will Coexist, Not Compete

Consumer electronics products no longer exist in a vacuum: increasingly they are linked to each other via a number of short-range radio technologies. CE vendors, faced with a series of overlapping use-cases, network areas, standards, and technologies, need to understand the applications best suited to each, and how they relate to each other. Fortunately, short-range networking [...]

Wireless HDTV Technologies Battle for a Million Installations in 2012

We’ve got wireless phones, wireless Internet and wireless home networks. Next, coming to a living room or commercial facility near you, is wireless high-definition TV. However, the market is still in its “incubation” stage, with fewer than 100,000 devices expected to ship this year. According to a new study from ABI Research, optimistic forecasts point [...]