Launch Event for Windows 8 Set

The beta version of Windows 8 will be previewed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 29th.  Microsoft did not provide any further details of its plans. It did mention that there would also be an event in the US, but the details of this event will be released later. The event will be [...]

Okoro Media Systems Announces the Availability of Its 2009 RK Digital Entertainment Servers

If the idea of having a rack mountable Media Center PC or Home Server functioning at the core of your Digital Home appeals to you, then you'll be interested in learning more about Okoro's 2009 RK Digital Entertainment Server offering, which can be configured to run Windows Vista Ultimate (32/64-bit) or Windows Home Server (32-bit). [...]

Video Demo: Windows 7 Running on Samsung’s Q1 UMPC

[youtube=] Ian Dixon over at has posted a video demo of Windows 7 (PDC build) running on his old Samsung Q1 UMPC. Surprisingly, Windows 7 is running quite snappy (admittedly with some technical issues) and only used about 650MB of system memory while in operation. Ian comments that when Vista was installed the whole system [...]

Home Media Data Center Project: VMC + WHS Combined

[youtube=] If you're the DIY type who likes to build their own HTPC and home media server, you might be interested in what James has created. Basically, he's combined Windows Vista Media Center and Windows Home Server systems inside one PC enclosure powered by two separate Micro-ATX motherboards. In his setup, James also stashed in an [...]

MEdiaCOre Enclosure and Media Center PC Systems Now on Sale

I just got pinged by Pearing-CORE Systems notifying me that their innovative MEdiaCOre Enclosure is now available to the mass consumer public online. What's interesting is that the company has decided to get into the high-end Media Center PC business as well with their offering. So not only can you pick up the MEdiaCOre Enclosure [...]

HP Redefines Home Computing, Putting the Digital Lifestyle at People’s Fingertips with New TouchSmart PCs

HP today unveiled a new generation of all-in-one PCs that change the way people interact with their computers by making digital entertainment a truly compelling, hands-on experience. The new HP TouchSmart family of PCs features HP software designed specifically for touch. A finger tapped or swept across the high-resolution screen delivers quick access to information, entertainment [...]