Kinect on the Xbox 360 Gets Windows Phone 7 Companion Gameplay Functionality

If you thought Kinect on the Xbox 360 was cool, have a look at this demo Microsoft just put out as part their exhibition at the Mobile World Congress. It shows how your Windows Phone 7 can join the gameplay. Essentially, a Windows Phone 7 user(s) can manipulate what's happening on the screen in tandem [...]

Control Windows Media Center’s Music Library via Windows Phone 7 with Remotive

If you've been looking for a way to easily control your PC's music collection with your new Windows Phone 7 handset, have a look at the Remotive app [Zune Link] created by Sharkfist Software. The $1.99 app allows you to remotely navigate your music collection on your Windows Media Center PC (requires the installation of [...]

LG Optimus 7 Play To / DLNA Streaming Demo

Thinking about picking up a Windows Phone 7 handset? You'll happy to learn that some models will have Play To functionality built-in (compare U.S. models) and working out of the box. Attached here is a demo of the new LG Optimus 7 phone streaming photo, music, and video content from the handset to a DLNA compatible [...]

Sneak Peek: Silverlight-Powered byRemote App for Windows Phone 7

Niall Ginsbourg has posted a few screenshots and details of his forthcoming Silverlight-powered Big Screen byRemote app for Windows Phone 7. Unlike the current HTML browser-based version he's has available, this new app will work natively on Windows Phone 7 and provide a much richer experience on par to the byRemote desktop client, which provides remote [...]