Sony’s New Cone-shaped HomeShare Network Speaker Lets You Beam Music to It via DLNA

Last night I was looking for a wireless speaker that lets you beam music to it like the new crop of AirPlay compatible speakers, but with DLNA. I've seen demos of this using Windows Media Player's "Play To" functionality, but haven't actually seen any DLNA wireless speaker products on the market — Internet radio boomboxes [...]

Windows 7 Enables Secure, Remote PC to PC Streaming via WMP and Windows Live ID

I just got finished reading Simon May's post on setting up Windows Media Player on a Windows 7 to share/stream media (like recorded TV) to another Windows 7 PC and came away impressed by the potential of this new functionality. The process is actually not too difficult to setup, requiring one to tie their PC [...]

Windows Media Player 12 Gets Network Streaming Mojo

Ars Technica has taken the next version of Windows Media Player in Windows 7, WMP 12, through a test run and has found that it's packing some serious heat in the form of media playback and streaming capabilities. New features of note include: auto-detection of unfamiliar media formats and links to download the appropriate codecs; [...]

Gyration R4000 Air Music Remote

Above is a pic of the Gyration R4000 Air Music Remote that I captured at CONNECTIONS 2008. The notable difference of this model from its predecessor is that it now offers button/screen backlighting (in blue) and an LCD screen display that you can use to scroll through and playback your PC's Windows Media or iTunes [...]