Bet You Didn’t Know Windows Media Center Embedded Had a Showing at CES 2011

Attached is a demo of Prime Time's Windows Media Center Embedded IPTV set-top box recorded by TDL. You'll see that Prime Sense has refined the UI to better match its sensibilities and bundled it with a nice TV web browser and gyro + QWERTY keyboard remote. However, the part that you should focus on is [...]

Microsoft Working on Expanding TV Content Options for the Xbox 360

Reuters is reporting that sources close to Microsoft have confirmed that the company has been courting TV networks to license their programming for a new online pay-television subscription offering. The TV content would be delivered through the Xbox 360 game console and potentially be available to Windows Media Center powered devices like the new Windows [...]

Windows Media Center Embedded to Take on Apple TV, Boxee, Roku, Google TV in the First Half of 2011

Windows fans will be excited to learn that Windows Media Center Embedded set-top boxes will begin shipping in the first half of 2011 (previous coverage). The boxes on display at IDF 2010 from the likes of ASUS (see: Companion Box) and ACER (see: Revo 2 w/ RevoPad) show that they'll be packing the same Intel [...]