My Movies for Windows Home Server Adds FLAC Support and Media Center Extender Compatible DVD Rips

The title pretty much says it all. So, Brian Binnerup has been busy adding new features and squashing bugs on his road to the official, non-beta release of My Movies for Windows Home Server. The two stand-out features in v1.02 users now get to play with is support for FLAC lossless audio CD rips and [...]

My Movies for Windows Home Server Gets CD Ripping Functionality

Got to love it. Just a couple weeks ago Brian Binnerup unveiled My Movies for Windows Home Server. Essentially, it enabled the Windows Home Server platform (with a built-in or external disc player) the ability to rip and manage DVD, Blu-ray, and HD DVD movies directly to the system without the need of a separate [...]

KeepVault Online Backup for Windows Home Server

With more and more people creating and storing digital media and data, it's become vitally important to store your content in a secure location; for some that may be on network-attached storage server at home, while for others it may be with an online hosting services. A company called Proxure asks: Why not both? If [...]

My Movies for Windows Home Server Now Available

Ok, so My Movies for Windows Home Server is finally out (we talked a little bit about it last week). What's interesting, now that we're able to see how it's meant to work, is that it appears that it's geared more towards folks who are planning on building a custom WHS rig of their own [...]

My Movies for Windows Home Server Coming Soon

Ian Dixon at teased readers over the weekend by posting screenshots of the unannounced My Movies add-in for Windows Home Server (My Movies was originally designed for Windows MCE 2005 and now works with Vista). As of right now the add-in is not presently available, but we're learning that it will include a [...]

Home Media Data Center Project: VMC + WHS Combined

[youtube=] If you're the DIY type who likes to build their own HTPC and home media server, you might be interested in what James has created. Basically, he's combined Windows Vista Media Center and Windows Home Server systems inside one PC enclosure powered by two separate Micro-ATX motherboards. In his setup, James also stashed in an [...]

Introducing the Niveus Storage Server – Cargo Edition, Powered by Windows Home Server

Niveus Media introduces the Niveus Storage Server - Cargo Edition, a powerful storage device based on the Microsoft Windows Home Server platform, designed for the custom install channel. Featuring up to 16TB of scalable storage, Cargo provides a seamlessly integrated and flexible storage solution for the perpetually growing HD digital [...]

HAI Now Shipping WL3 for Windows Home Server

HAI (Home Automation, Inc.), a leading manufacturer of integrated automation and security products since 1985, has announced it is now shipping a new software product called WL3 for Windows® Home Server (HAI Part Number 1112). WL3 is an Add-in for a Windows® Home Server that allows you to monitor and control your HAI Home [...]