Windows Home Server 2011 Update

Microsoft has released the Windows Home Server 2011 Rollup 2 Update.  It is a maintenance update to fix a variety of issues the server program has, such as bugs that have been reported to Microsoft by users. The fixes include the ability to disable the Media Streaming Metadata Synchronizer, so that scheduled tasks that can interfere [...]

WHS 2011 gets Add-In ISO Mounter from electrongoo

A new software add-in for Microsoft Home and Business server has been launched by Nevada-based software techno electrongoo. The add-in lets you mount ISO files that are stored on your server, so you can view them directly through the server's folder share. The images can be viewed on all your laptops and PCs. The ISO Mounter [...]

Windows Home Server 2011 to Get Time Machine Support via Add-ins

Looks like Microsoft isn't too keen on natively supporting a mixed Mac OS X and Windows home or work environment. The company, according to We Got Served, has instead enlisted Orbital Technologies to take on the task by creating an add-in — looks like it will be FREE or freemium — that people can use [...]

HP Dropping MediaSmart Server Line Powered by Windows Home Server

Crazy! HP has decided to pull the plug on its Windows Home Server-powered MediaSmart Server line, reports We Got Served. The company, who has been the premier WHS hardware partners since 2007, will continue to support existing models, but will no longer create new products based on the platform. In fact, HP has already moved [...]

Install JTunes to Serve Windows Home Server / iTunes Content to Apple TV

For Windows Home Sever users having an Apple TV affair, check out this WHS / JTunes guide at WGS for installing iTunes on a Windows Home Server so you can stream media to an Apple TV device without having a logged in user. It's sad, really, that it has to come to this. Ideally, Apple [...]

New AVA Media NVT Windows Media Center Add-in Transcodes WHS Stored DVD Rips to Popular Formats Automatically

The folks at Tranquil PC have just introduced a new, FREE Windows Media Center Add-in called AVA Media NVT which does something brilliant. You know how typical Home Servers are usually underpowered for doing any kind of DVD rip transcoding? Well, Tranquil PC figures that if your HTPC has the processing power to handle HD [...]

3 Reasons Why Personal Cloud Services Need to Be Home Server Based

Originally I was going to write a post on a cool new service called ZumoCast for Windows and Mac PCs that enables iPad owners to stream media files instantly from their home computer for playback without taking up any storage on their device. But then I got to thinking... there's something wrong here. 1. No one [...]

HP MediaSmart Servers Gain TiVo Expander and Easy USB Transfer WHS Add-ins

HP has added some new Windows Home Server Add-ins for its MediaSmart Server line that should appeal to many users. If you own a TiVo, you'll want to install the HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo add-in that will allow you to save recorded TV shows to MediaSmart server to free up space on your TiVo [...]