Microsoft’s ‘It’s Very PC,’ ‘It’s Not Very PC’ Ad Campaign to Promote Slates Is Clever

I just got a kick out of watching Microsoft's "It's Very PC," "It's Not Very PC" ad campaign, in partnership with ASUS and its upcoming Eee Slate. The ads are clever and highlight how a Windows-powered tablet can work well professionally and for play. In fact, Microsoft is kind of showing that one can use [...]

Ekoore ET10TA Ubuntu Tablet Set to Launch in Early 2011

While we heard rumors that Ubuntu was working on a tablet version of its OS, but was later officially denied, we now have an Italian startup who is committed to shipping an Intel Atom-powered tablet with Ubuntu netbook edition. For those unfamiliar, this particular edition includes multi-touch support and a netbook-optimized interface called Unity that should play [...]

ASUS to Unveil the 12-inch, Core i5, Windows 7 Eee Slate EP121 at CES 2011

Talk about a teaser! ASUS has got a slate like no other (at least that we know of) coming to CES 2011. The slate (aka tablet) is powered by Windows 7, boasts and an impressive 12-inch multi-touch display, and leverages Intel's latest Core i5 processor. In other words, the Eee Slate EP121 is a full-blown [...]

Windows 7 Slates to Get Touch Control Enhancements Next Year

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed today that Windows 7 Slates (aka Tablets) will be hitting the market before Christmas this year and that the company will be working with OEM partners to enhance Windows 7's touch controls next year. It's unclear, however, if that means Windows 7's touch UI will be drastically improved or if [...]