Clearwire Intros the 4G Home Clear Modem with 802.11n Wi-Fi

People these days talk about cutting cable from their entertainment equation. How about cutting cable from your broadband service? Clearwire has just added a new WiMax-based wireless router that brings 4G speeds to your network connected devices and computers. The $120 Clear Modem offers 802.11n Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. Just plug the device into an [...]

Samsung Mondi MID Hits the Scene

Well, it looks like Samsung finally got around to creating the portable media player we all hoped they would have back in 2004. The new Samsung Mondi (SWD-M100), which the company is calling an MID for Mobile Internet Device, runs Windows Mobile 6.1 and is packed with all kinds of goodies sure to please. Features [...]

Sprint XOHM WiMAX Has Got it Going On with Its “Pick 2” Program

Wow! It appears that Sprint XOHM service is setting itself up to be a true competitor to traditional cable, DSL, and cellular data service providers. According to the company's marketing material, subscribers can opt for the “Pick 2” program for only $50/mo (limited time offer) and get WiMAX service for two device types (i.e. home [...]

Motorola Unveils First USB WiMAX Adapter for Laptops

Tired of being tied down to your home's high-speed connection or your cafe's spotty Wi-Fi hotspot? Well then... say hello to the first USB WiMAX adapter for laptops, introduced by Motorola, that aims to take users off the grid and connect them to the Internet at broadband speeds. According to the press release for the [...]