WiGig Teams Up with VESA to Bring Wireless DisplayPort Tech to Consumers

The Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WiGig) has teamed up with the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) to create a new Wireless DisplayPort standard (based on the features already provided in DisplayPort v1.2) leveraging its 60 Ghz wireless technology. The aim is to provide users the ability to connect their PCs and handhelds to monitors, projectors and [...]

WiGig Specification to Be Integrated in Next Generation Wi-Fi Standard

First there was 802.11 b, then came a, then g, then n, and now...? Well, we'll soon find out 'cause the Wi-Fi Alliance has teamed up the WiGig Alliance to integrate their technologies for the next generation Wi-Fi standard. We've covered WiGig before. The technology basically functions at the 60Ghz frequency band and provides data [...]

WiGig 60GHz / 7Gbps Wireless Networking Standard Hits 1.0 Status

Most likely you've never heard of the WiGig wireless standard created by the Wireless Gigabit Alliance. If you haven't, that's OK because today the group is announcing the WiGig version 1.0 specification, which they hope will become implemented in home networking gear as early as the first quarter of 2010. So why should you care? [...]