Lockitron Turns Your Door Lock Into a Wirelessly Controlled Mechanism (Supports NFC, Too!)

If you have the desire for wireless entry to your home, as well as for friends and family, have a look at Lockitron's new $295 offering. The company will ship out a deadbolt, door handle / knob, buzzer, or mortise compatible door lock, with matching finish when possible, to your home that you can install. [...]

HP Intros the First Wi-Fi Mouse for Your PC

This is actually a pretty wild concept. HP has figured out a way to use Wi-Fi for pair and operating a PC mouse wirelessly. What's more, the technology allows the 5-button mouse to work from up to 30 feet away and last for 9 months (twice the life of a similar Bluetooth mouse). Sign me [...]

NETGEAR’s New Flagship N750 Wireless Router Brings Dual-band Wi-Fi and ReadySHARE USB Network Storage

We showed you the no-frills, get-the-job-done little router from D-Link. Now, here's a wireless router on the opposite end whose manufacture has thrown in all the bells and whistles possible for such a device. NETGEAR's N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router (WNDR4000) can operate simultaneously in two Wireless N bands: 450Mbps in the 5GHz band [...]

D-Link Intros the $89 DIR-651 Wireless N 300 Gigabit Router

If you're looking to replace your old 802.11g router with 10/100 Ethernet with something that's a bit more cutting-edge and won't break the bank, check out D-Link's new DIR-651 Wireless N 300 Gigabit Router. For just $89, the DIR-651 gives you four Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000Mbps) ports, Quality of Service (QoS) steams which prioritizes video (like [...]

Eye-Fi Rolls Out ‘Direct Mode’ Camera to Smartphone / Tablet Wireless Transfer

If you're an owner of a Eye-Fi X2 camera memory card (or a prospective buyer), you'll pleased to learn that your Eye-Fi card can now push photo and video content directly to your iPhone, iPad or Android device. All you need to do is install Eye-Fi's app to your smartphone or tablet and the Eye-Fi [...]

Conspin ANDI-ONE Universal Wi-Fi / IR / RF Controller Runs Android Apps, Handles Your Home Theater Gear

Using a smartphone as a universal remote is nothing new. However, a remote that runs a smartphone OS like Android (specifically version 2.1) and has the ability to manage your home theater gear (up to 50 devices!) over Wi-Fi, IR, or RF is. So no matter where you are in the house Conspin's ANDI-ONE [PDF] [...]

MerMar Designs Unveils Ether IR, an Ethernet Enabled Universal Remote Control System

The goal for many creating a home theater system is to one day be able to manage the whole system with one remote, and ideally from another room or from a component closest. Well, MerMar Designs may have a solution that will interest you. The "open source electronics" developer has an Ethernet board that has [...]

WiGig Specification to Be Integrated in Next Generation Wi-Fi Standard

First there was 802.11 b, then came a, then g, then n, and now...? Well, we'll soon find out 'cause the Wi-Fi Alliance has teamed up the WiGig Alliance to integrate their technologies for the next generation Wi-Fi standard. We've covered WiGig before. The technology basically functions at the 60Ghz frequency band and provides data [...]