The ‘Smartphone Watch’ – an Alternative eHome Remote?

With the ability to check Facebook and Twitter feeds, receive phone calls and retrieve text messages, this is the world's very first 'smartphone watch'. Resembling something from a sci-fi film, the touchscreen i'm Watch is planned to go on sale in 2012 and contains most of the same features as hi-tech phones, at just a fraction [...]

Sky Testing Massive Wi-Fi & Cable Broadband Roll-out

Sky has confirmed that it has tested its very own cable installations, researching the potential of skipping BT within the United Kingdom and running its own broadband network where it would have complete control.  An additional possibility - although only a rumor at this phase - is employing a massive development of The Cloud, a [...]

DLNA Looks to Increase Consumer Awareness and Extends Reach with Wi-Fi Direct

It's been a busy few weeks over at the DLNA. First they release a set of videos aimed at educating the mass market by demonstrating how easy it is for consumers to connect and enjoy their digital content regardless of manufacturer. They cover the scenarios that most normal people (and by normal I don't mean geeks [...]

Google Wi-Fi Database Opt-Out is a Cop Out

The days of cable connectivity are coming to an end, but with technological advances security should still be at the forefront of our minds. How important is your privacy to you? If you're on Twitter or Facebook, you'll probably be used to adjusting your privacy settings when required. You might not be that bothered anyway, [...]

ARCHOS Takes on Chumby, Unveils the 35 Home Connect

At first glance the ARCHOS 35 Home Connect looks like a Chumby competitor — it's small, offers a touch display, and offers the ability to run apps. However, the 35 Home Connect is also a little different. For one... the display is only 3.5-inches and is saddled by two forward facing speakers. Two, it's capable [...]

Mobile Hotspot Devices Are Starting to Add DLNA Media Server Functionality

Looks like the need for media server duties are extending outside of the home with all our portable gadgets. As such, Novatel Wireless has decided to add DLNA server capabilities to its popular MiFi 2372 device, which includes a microSDHC slot for up to 32GB of storage. Yes, that's small compared to your typical home [...]

NETGEAR Intros the Wall Socket WN3000RP Wi-Fi Range Extender

Say goodbye to Wi-Fi dark zones in your home. NETGEAR has just launched a new 802.11b/g/n compatible Wi-Fi range extender the plugs directly into your wall outlet. And if your current router includes "Push 'N' Connect" technology, your setup happens automagically when you click the "Push 'N' Connect" button your extender to pair it. The [...]

D-Link’s New Dual-band MediaBridge Connects Your Network A/V Gear to Your Wireless Router

Have you been postponing laying down cable to connect your network A/V gear to your router because it only offers Ethernet connectivity? Or do you have a gadget that offers both Ethernet and Wireless connectivity, but the built-in antennae is just too weak to be of any benefit? Well, get your lazy butt to the [...]