Western Digital Intros WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player with Netflix Movie Streaming Support

At first when I read the news I though thought Western Digital just updated their WD TV Live firmware to support Netflix movie streaming. However, that's not the case. Western Digital has actually added a new model to their media player lineup called the WD TV Live "Plus" HD Media Player — though it's priced [...]

WD TV Live HD Media Player Available Now

Late Sunday evening (10/11) it was discovered that online retailers and select brick and mortar stores already had the much anticipated WD TV Live HD Media Player in stock and listed for around $119. Unfortunately for Western Digital's marketing department, the news came out a bit earlier than they would have liked and have had [...]

Sneak Peek: WD TV Live Media Player

Leaked photos have surfaced on what appears to be the second generation WD TV, dubbed the WD TV Live Media Player. Stand-out new features include: Ethernet, DLNA / UPnP support, Internet streaming, DTS downmixing, and an A/V jack for component and composite video out through separate cables. Obviously, all much welcomed features spurred on by [...]

WD TV HD Media Player Hacked and Put to Good Use

I've been hearing the quiet rumblings of people hacking their WD TV HD Media Player and making it do all sorts of wild things done typically with an HTPC. So, I decided to do some investigating. It turns out you can now add a USB Ethernet adapter for LAN connectivity to the device and flash [...]

Western Digital Adds the Dual-Drive My Book World Edition II to Its Network Storage Line

More storage anyone? Western Digital is now offering a dual-drive RAID 1 configured NAS server to their line of network storage products. The standard mirrored configuration lends itself well for backing up critical data. So, if one of the two drives fails, you'll have a prestine copy available to access. The downside: you'll only have [...]

Western Digital Bumps the WD ShareSpace Storage Capacity to 8TB

Got $1,699 and the need for 8TB of storage? If yes, then you'll be happy to learn that Western Digital is now shipping the WD ShareSpace with 4 x 2TB drives for a total of 8TB. The new configuration leverages the latest WD Caviar Green drives providing up to 30% faster transfer speeds of large [...]

Western Digital Delivers Industry’s First 2 TB Hard Drive for $299

Thinking of adding storage to your PC or Home Server? Then hold off until you see the WD Caviar Green 2 TB hard drive on the store shelf. Western Digital claims that not only will you be getting massive amounts storage from their product but you'll also be getting superior performance, energy efficiency, and ultra [...]

WD TV HD Media Player

Western Digital (WD) is today unveiling their new HD media player that's designed to work with the company's line of My Passport portable drives, as well as third party USB storage devices. The stand alone unit connects directly to your TV or HDTV and provides media center style navigation and playback of photos, music, and [...]