HP Nixes the TouchPad and Its webOS-powered Smartphones

Wow, the just announced news that HP plans on discontinuing its TouchPad and WebOS smartphones products is causing quite a ripple in the technosphere at the moment. People don't know what to make of the announcement. A platform that had so much promise and was intent on competing with the big boys with a truly [...]

HP Shows Why Its TouchPad Tablet is Different (and Better) Than the Competition

Right now HP needs all the help it can get in letting the public know it's serious about the tablet space. As such, we're willing to give a helping hand. For the most part it seems many are excited by the possibility of what webOS on the TouchPad can bring. It's an open development platform, it offers [...]

HP Open to Licensing webOS to Third Parties and Rivals

Hewlett-Packard CEO Léo Apotheker told attendees of the D9 Conference today that HP sees webOS moving outside its hardware borders. In fact, not only are they interested in seeing webOS on home appliances and on partner products in the small business and enterprise space, but possibly running on hardware of rival companies. When asked if [...]

HP to Bring Cloud-based Music and Movie Service to the TouchPad

PreCentral is reporting that HP has sent VIP contacts a PowerPoint presentation which details features and functions being developed for the HP TouchPad, Veer, and Pre 3. Turns out that in that presentation HP also unexpectedly revealed its plans for a cloud-based music and movie service. Interestingly, the service will cache tunes most likely to [...]

Jolicloud OS Aims to Modernize Your Old (or New) Desktop with the Power of the Cloud

Jolicloud, best known as a hybrid native & web app focused OS for netbooks, is casting its net to include desktop PCs, in particular ones with 10+ year old NVIDIA video cards. The announcement may not sound like much on the surface. However, when you consider that Google is planning to bring Chrome OS to [...]

HP’s New TouchPad Takes Aim at the iPad

If you missed it earlier, HP had a big event and announcement. The company unveiled its new line of webOS devices. Later this year customers will be able to pick up a revamped, HP-branded Pre, called the Pre 3, a new micro sized phone called the Veer, and a new iPad rival dubbed the TouchPad. [...]

HP WebOS Devices to Become Lust-worthy (At Least That’s the Hope)

I couldn't help reading TechCrunch's post on HP wanting to become Apple now that they own their very own sexy OS, WebOS, for tablet and mobile devices. According to TC, HP wants to borrow Apple's closed system model of hardware and software and create lust-worthy devices with high profit margins on par with what Apple's [...]

IDC Predicts Media Tablet Demand in Asia/Pacific Will Grow by 65% in 2014 from 2009’s 1.3M Units

So Americans aren't the only ones who are going tablet crazy. Research firm, IDC, predicts shipments in the Asia/Pacific region (excluding Japan) will grow from 1.3 million in 2009 to 9.6 million in 2014. IDC points out that they're specifically referring to 7-12 inch display models running lightweight mobile operating systems like Android, Chrome, iOS, MeeGo, WebOS [...]