Skype Certified Webcams Tote Built-in 720p H.264 Video Encoders

If you've ever looked for a webcam to use with Skype, you've no doubt checked out their recommended webcam list. The list breaks down webcams into Gold, Silver, and Bronze categories, with Gold being the best of what's out — providing, at minimum, 1280 x 720 pixel resolution at up to 30 frames per second [...]

Logitech Intros the Highly Impressive Alert HomePlug AV HD Video Security System

The competition in surveillance webcams has got nothing on Logitech's new Alert video security system for home or business. First off, installation and networking is done by plugging in Alert's HomePlug AV adapter into a power outlet which will connect the camera(s) via Ethernet and transfer video feed data to your router/PC — in real-time [...]

Dropcam Echo Aims to Make Webcam Monitoring Drop Dead Simple

Dropcam today is taking the wraps off a new wireless webcam called the Dropcam Echo. The $279 webcam is designed for the average joe who wants to monitor their home, business, or any location with little fuss. In fact, setting up the wireless connection to your home network only takes "minutes" — most of the [...]

Logitech Unveils a New Family of 720/1080p HD Webcams

It's about time! I was recently looking for an HD webcam at Best Buy and only came across two dated models — one from Microsoft the other from Logitech. Thankfully, we all have some new options today. Logitech is introducing a new flagship HD webcam called the HD Pro Webcam C910. The C910 provides 720p [...]

ZyXEL Announces the First Wireless SIP-Based Webcam

Unlike ordinary IP webcams that you can access on your PC via a web browser, the ZyXEL V750W has another trick up its sleeve that makes it an even more compelling offering — you can call it and have a video chat (well, almost). All you need to do is ring it up like you [...]