Warner Bros. Now Renting Movies for Viewing Online Through Its Facebook Page

This is wild. Got 30 Facebook Credits burning a hole in your pocket? Make your way over to facebook.com/darkknight and click "Watch" in the menu bar. The studio is using The Dark Knight's Facebook Page to stream the movie directly to users via their browser. Warner Bros. says that "Additional titles will be made available [...]

Warner Bros. Tries the App Approach for Movie Delivery

Warner Bros. has just announced something special that, unfortunately, will probably (or not?) get pulled any day now for it not meeting Apple's new App Store guidelines that prohibit apps "that are simply songs, movies, or books...." Essentially, what Warner Bros. is introducing is a iPhone / iPod touch / iPad compatible movie app for [...]

Blockbuster, Warner Bros. New Release Exclusivity Deal Already Showing Up in Product Marketing

That was fast! I heard about Blockbuster getting an exclusivity deal with Warner Bros. to rent their new movie titles 28 days before any competitor is able to, but I didn't realize that it was immediate and would affect all forms of delivery and sales (see press release below). As you can see in the [...]