VUDU Brings Its Internet Apps to VUDU Embedded HDTVs

If you own, or are thinking of purchasing, a VUDU enabled HDTV, you're going to be pleased to learn that Internet services from the likes of Flickr, Picasa, Pandora, and others can now be accessed through your TV at no charge. The new function rolls out today to all Mitsubishi Unisen Diamond 249 Series HDTVs [...]

VUDU Expands Service to LG BD390 Network Blu-ray Player

Off the heels of its recent availability announcement on network-enabled LG and Mitsubishi HDTVs, VUDU today says that owners of LG's BD390 Network Blu-ray Player [Amazon] will be able to tap into their on-demand HD (1080p, Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound) movie service via the device's menu UI by month's end. The VUDU service [...]

LG Broadband HDTVs First to Get VUDU On-Demand Movie Service

Well, well, well.... Those who counted VUDU out may be surprised by today's announcement. VUDU has teamed up with LG to bring their 1080p HD and HDX, Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound movies to LG's "NetCast Entertainment Access" enabled LH50 and PS80 HDTVs starting this August. VUDU states that LG HDTV owners will be able [...]

VUDU Becomes an Embeddable Platform, Adds Brightcove Content

Not listening to any of the nay-sayers, VUDU is taking additional strides to remain competitive in the challenging video on-demand market it does business in. Earlier this month the company announced a partnership with Entone, an IPTV set-top manufacture who provides equipment to 70 US-based companies with 200,000 subscribers (numbers via NewTeeVee). The partnership will [...]

VUDU Now Offering 1080p HD and HDX Movie Purchase Options

Now another reason to consider picking up a VUDU box for consuming HD content. VUDU today announced that they will begin selling HD and HDX movies to own. The initial selection consists of 50 films from “top independent studios” with the promise of adding additional releases on the same day and date as the DVD [...]

VUDU iPhone / iPod Touch App Released

Interesting.... The guys at VUDU have decided to get in the the iPhone App game and release a free application [iTunes] that allows users to browse and search VUDU's movie catalog and then make selections to rent or purchase on the spot. The idea here is that you can manage your VUDU box or boxes [...]

VUDU Hogging Up Your Bandwidth? reporter, Lee Gomes, is shedding light on an interesting fact that many of VUDU's customers are probably not aware of. The problem Gomes points out is that VUDU is not being totally transparent that their video on-demand boxes function as peer-to-peer nodes downloading and sharing bits of digital information with other users throughout the [...]

VUDU Adds Internet Content to Its Lineup

Look out! VUDU is taking their HD video on-demand box to a new level. The company is announcing the immediate availability of Internet content from sources like Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, as well as, a new “On Demand TV” feature with specialized material from more than 120 channels. But the best news, users will begin seeing [...]