Amazon and VUDU Go ‘Web App’ for the iPad and other Tablets

The reality is native apps are only better than cross-platform web apps in a small number of instances. Publishers are starting to realize that not only is it easier to build device "optimized" web apps for TV, tablet, mobile, etc., but that they can also help their bottom line by sidestepping a platform's in-app payment [...]

Walmart Integrates VUDU into Its Online Presence

It's about time wouldn't you say? If you remember Walmart purchased VUDU little more than a year ago. Today Walmart is announcing VUDU integration into its online store. Folks can now rent or purchase movies through the Walmart site — under Movies & TV > Video on Demand by VUDU -- and view selections through their browser [...]

VUDU Expands Movie Streaming Offering to Web Browsers

VUDU has just launched a new proposition for folks to consider. The company is now offering users the ability to watch movies and TV show instantly from its vast catalog via a computer web browser. The catch, though, is that the video is only available in 480p with stereo sound — about the same quality [...]

Possible Winning Combo: OTA HDTV + Hulu Plus + Blockbuster/VUDU

Like many of you I was pleased to hear the news that Hulu unveiled their Hulu Plus offering today. Now I'm wondering if it's actually something I'd be interested in paying for. Luckily, NewTeeVee did the leg work for us in comparing Hulu Plus with Netflix's instant streaming collection. According to the site, Hulu's biggest [...]

CNET Compares Avatar in HD via Blu-ray Disc, VUDU HDX, and Sony PS3 Download

In case you were wondering which format provides the best HD movie experience, CNET's Crave blog has compared how "Avatar" in HD looks via Blu-ray disc ($25 - currently $19.99 @ Amazon), VUDU HDX ($24.99), and PlayStation Store download ($19.99) on Sony's PS3. No surprise... Blu-ray took the crown in overall quality. Blu-ray also offered the [...]

Walmart to Acquire VUDU

The New York Times is reporting that both Walmart and VUDU have been informing Hollywood studios and CE manufactures of the deal today. While it hasn't been officially announced (UPDATE: It's official! Press release attached below), the acquisition is big news for the industry. As many of you know already, VUDU is a three year [...]

VUDU Steps Up Its Game – Powers Net-Connected TVs with Hundreds of Apps

The once counted out VUDU offering is now showing the world and its critics that the streaming 1080p HD video (w/ Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound) and VUDU App service is here to stay and one to be contended with. VUDU today announced at CES that the company's app catalog now consists of hundreds [...]

VUDU’s New Cloud-Based Interface Adds New Features on the Fly

You may have noticed lately that VUDU has been rolling out new features on a regular basis — today they announced the integration of Wikipedia — and on a variety of platforms (i.e. VUDU Box, Networked Blu-ray players & HDTVs). What you may not have known is that VUDU's interface is essentially a web app [...]