Hulu Plus, Blockbuster On Demand, MOG, OnLive, Skype Now Available Through VIZIO Internet Apps

Picking a "Smart TV" to buy these days is getting harder and harder by the day. VIZIO today is announcing that they have just added new content/service partners to its VIZIO Internet Apps (VIA) platform — with the two major ones being Hulu Plus and Blockbuster On Demand. However, the full press release states that [...]

Sears and Kmart Tap RoxioNow to Provide On-demand Entertainment Content for Alphaline-enabled CE Devices

Interesting news.... What appeared to just be an announcement of a new video on-demand service powered by RoxioNow called Alphaline ( | actually turns out to be one piece of the digital home puzzle for Sears and Kmart. If you go to, it clearly states that Alphaline "is a new line of products [...]

Rumor: YouTube Premium Movie Offering in the Works

The Financial Times is reporting that Google is schmoozing leading Hollywood studios to build out a premium pay-per-view movie service on YouTube, with titles being available the same day and date DVDs are released. The new service is planned to possibly launch as early as this year and will provide new releases for around five [...]

Would You Pay $20-30 to View a Theatrical Release At Home?

According to Time Warner Cable Inc. execs speaking at a cable industry convention last week, cable customers may, as early as this Fall, be able to watch a movie that's currently playing in theaters in weeks instead of months at home via on-demand (typically movies hit DVD 4+ months after theatrical release). The privilege to [...]

EPIX Multi-platform Movie Service Proving to Be a Successful Offering

In a recent nationwide survey, EPIX found that a majority of subscribers (59%) make use of EPIX's linear television, on-demand, and online platforms to satisfy their movie watching needs. Interestingly, on-demand was the most popular method of watching movies at 43%, followed by linear-television at 39%, and online at just 19%. You would think online [...]

BLOCKBUSTER On Demand Now Available on TiVo

Good news for TiVo Series2, Series3, HD, HD XL DVR owners. You can now rent new movie releases directly from BLOCKBUSTER for $3.99 and older features from $2.99 or less (a few titles are even free) without a monthly BLOCKBUSTER subscription. What's more, HD movie titles are said to be on the way via the [...]

Amazon VOD Launches, Connects to Sony Bravia TVs

Finally, something other than YouTube on these Internet connected TVs. Sony and Amazon have announced that Amazon's new streaming service will connect to Sony's Bravia TVs, and as I've written about here, Sony has been working on a number of angles to get their Internet TV's more content, much of it in Japan, but more [...]

Gartner Says IPTV Providers Must Do More to Drive Uptake of Pay per View and Video on Demand

Although consumers are increasingly prepared to have some form of pay-TV in their household, getting more consumers to order and then regularly view pay per view (PPV) or video on demand (VOD) remains a key challenge for service providers, according to a recent survey by Gartner Inc. In the fourth quarter of 2007, Gartner surveyed 5,800 [...]