Apple May Have Blown It When It Decided to Discontinue TV Show Rentals via iTunes

After reading the news that Apple decided to "pull the plug" on TV show rentals in iTunes, it left me wondering if this was a brilliant or dumb move on Apple's part. You can say that Apple made a smart move financially by dropping the low margin 99¢ TV show rental offerings that, apparently, people [...]

Netflix May Introduce a Family Plan and VOD Rentals

Currently, subscribing to Netflix with one account has worked well for individuals, couples, and small families in a household. However, Netflix has, for a while now, been considering offering subscribers a Family Plan to expand their current capabilities. The advantage with this setup is that users will have their own individual accounts that Netflix can [...]

Connected TVs with On-Demand Content Access Present in 2 Out of 5 Households, People Still Prefer ‘Live’ TV, Though

This is interesting, though not all unexpected. Knowledge Networks has found that 47% of people, ages 13-64, they surveyed in April 2011 prefer watching live TV at its schedule time. 23% said they prefer DVR recordings, which I also assume means on-demand content as well from their TV provider or sites like Hulu. Another nugget [...]

Verizon’s Flex View VOD Service Coming to Roku for Non-subscribers?

The rumor is Verizon is eyeing devices like the Roku player for reaching non-subscribers. My first thought was: "Wow, premium TV piped through an over-the-top player. That's cool." However, that's not what this is. Flex View is a cross-platform VOD service current subscribers can access to rent movies. Verizon, according to NewTeeVee, is actually considering [...]

YouTube Now Renting Premium Movie Titles to Users, Joins the Onslaught of Netflix Rivals

YouTube is ready to go full steam ahead in its mission to bring feature films to users on-demand. It's been talked about since September 2009, but now it's reality. According to YouTube Movie's FAQ, the service will provide 3,000 new movies, for a total of 6,000, from studios like Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate [...]

EPIX Lands on Google TV, Apps for Smartphones, Tablets, and Smart TVs on the Way

EPIX is out with big news. The company has just rolled out a new Google TV app [DEMO] and Verizon FiOS TV integration. The offering will give users access to 3,000 EPIX movie and original programming titles from partners Viacom, Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, and Lionsgate. In addition, EPIX has, or is working on, apps [...]

Comcast Becomes the First TV Provider to Give Users Current Series ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC VOD Content

Looks like Comcast isn't playing around with its Xfinity offering. The company has just announced that they'll be adding ABC and FOX to its video on-demand (VOD) offering today, making them the first TV provider to offer current series TV content from all four major networks. If you remember, Netflix tried to make a big [...]

Amazon Prime Members Getting FREE Netflix-like Unlimited VOD Access

This is kind of wild. An Amazon Prime member tipped Engadget that he now has access to 5,000 movies and TV shows at no additional cost through Amazon's Video On Demand service. A Prime membership normally just entitles one to free 2-day shipping on all orders, but the addition of free streaming access as part [...]