Home Media Data Center Project: VMC + WHS Combined

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CIie1ZISMo] If you're the DIY type who likes to build their own HTPC and home media server, you might be interested in what James has created. Basically, he's combined Windows Vista Media Center and Windows Home Server systems inside one PC enclosure powered by two separate Micro-ATX motherboards. In his setup, James also stashed in an [...]

New Must-Have Add-In for Windows Vista Media Center: clipShow

Ever wish you could show off all your digital camera's video clips as easily as you do your photos on VMC? Well, guess what? chandler72 has released a free Beta app called clipShow on Microsoft's CodePlex that does just that. What's more, users can create playlists, play clips by date / tags, or set clipShow [...]

MEdiaCOre Enclosure and Media Center PC Systems Now on Sale

I just got pinged by Pearing-CORE Systems notifying me that their innovative MEdiaCOre Enclosure is now available to the mass consumer public online. What's interesting is that the company has decided to get into the high-end Media Center PC business as well with their offering. So not only can you pick up the MEdiaCOre Enclosure [...]

Inteset Movie Collection Module Now Supports Blu-ray

One of the major selling features of the Inteset media server has been its ability to store, search, and play back movies seamlessly within the Windows Media Center interface using the proprietary Movie Collection module. Inteset has offered this feature to its dealers for years and has now improved the capabilities by adding full Blu-ray [...]

Why Can’t Someone Create a Windows Vista Media Center Add-In for Movie Disc Playback?

Originally I was going to report on a yet another Vista Media Center (VMC) hack that enables users to launch their pre-installed DVD/Blu-ray player application from within Media Center, but it got me thinking. Why can't Cyberlink (the creator of PowerDVD) create an add-in or Microsoft introduce a local disc playback feature into VMC when [...]

Open Media Library Beta 0.1 Rolls Out to the Public

It was just back in April when a software developer on The Green Button forum suggested that the community should get together and produce an open-source clone of Niveus' Movie Library – an add-on application first demo'd at EHX in March that exclusively provided Niveus PC users a way to manage their DVDs, stored video, [...]

TV Manager Windows Home Server Add-In Impresses

In a nutshell, TV Manager takes recordings made in Vista Media Center or MCE 2005, copies them to WHS for storage, deletes the original files from the PC, and allows PC users to playback the recordings from WHS on any video player that supports DVR-MS. Additionally, TV Manager enables users to watch their recordings in [...]