VIZIO’s 8-inch Android Tablet to Launch Summer 2011 for $349

Apparently VIZIO is really close to launching their new Android tablet that they gave everyone a glimpse of at CES 2011. The tablet is popping up in a video by NBA player Blake Griffin, is getting coverage by Scobleizer, and is being prepped for sale at Walmart. The two attached videos should get you up [...]

Why TV Platforms Are Conduits and Apps Are Universal

It seems people have already started picking out their favorite TV / IPTV / OTT / Smart TV — or whatever buzz word you want use — platform, which is fine. We've been brought up in a world where you choose the platform / OS that serves you best. So far that's held true for [...]

VIZIO Smart TV and Android Tablet Demo at CES 2011

As we previously covered, VIZIO introduced a pair of Android mobile devices and a Google TV-powered HDTV. What we didn't know is how VIZIO's on-screen Android app interface worked. According to CNET, the VIZIO HDTV actually runs both Android and Google TV simultaneously (a first on any TV), making it easy for users to sync [...]

Hulu Plus, Blockbuster On Demand, MOG, OnLive, Skype Now Available Through VIZIO Internet Apps

Picking a "Smart TV" to buy these days is getting harder and harder by the day. VIZIO today is announcing that they have just added new content/service partners to its VIZIO Internet Apps (VIA) platform — with the two major ones being Hulu Plus and Blockbuster On Demand. However, the full press release states that [...]

VIZIO Embraces Google TV and Android for Its New VIA Plus Ecosystem

VIZIO is out with a set of early press releases [1, 2] ahead of CES 2011. The company is unveiling their new VIA Plus line of products that will provide users a "unified user experience from the big screen to mobile devices." As you can see in the image above, VIZIO's new Android 8-inch tablet [...]

VIZIO’s Matthew McRae Discusses the Future of Connected TVs

I liked a lot of what VIZIO's Matthew McRae had to say to the audience at NewTeeVee LIVE. McRae believes the TV's strongest new attribute is the connected experience where Internet powered TV widgets will tap into social networks, premium content services, and data services. Of course, as many of you know, VIZIO is an [...]

Intel and Yahoo! Bring Their TV Widget Technology to Life in a Big Way At CES 2009

Sure we've started seeing a crop of "Connected HDTVs" making the news this month, but the real winner here is the Yahoo! Widget Engine and Intel's system-on-a-chip (Media Processor CE 3100) which provides the TV's processing power to handle all the various interactive media application services. In other words, all future HDTVs supporting TV Widgets [...]