VidaBox CubeCase Server / Media Center Mini-ITX Enclosure

If you're on the lookout for a compact enclosure with plenty of storage space and good ventilation for your next Windows Home Server, NAS, or HTPC project, have a look at VidaBox's latest enclosure addition. The VidaBox CubeCase is a Mini-ITX aluminum and steel chassis that provides room for a 5.25-inch optical drive, 3 x [...]

VidaBox Unveils the Company’s Exclusive Media Center Controls Web App for iPad and Other Tablets

Good news and bad news. VidaBox has just stepped up Windows Media Center's game to the tablet space. The bad news all the cool features I'm about to tell you are for use with VidaBox products only. The upcoming Web App (not an iOS app), which is currently being shown at the Asian Pacific CEDIA [...]

Vidabox Adds a Shoebox Sized Vista Media Center PC / Vidabox Extender to Their Lineup

Vidabox is introducing an entry-level Vista Media Center PC that they hope will appeal to people who want a small form factor PC in their dorm room, bedroom, kitchen, or any location where space is limited. The new RoomClient:SE [PDF Brochure], as the company is calling it, features the ability to rip and manage both [...]

New RackServer from VidaBox Offers 1-Step Disc Archiving

VidaBox recently introduced their newest server in the RACK series, the RackServer. Designed to be headless, meaning no monitor or input devices are needed, the RackServer was built with Windows Home Server in mind. The base unit starts with 2TB of storage, but supports up to 7TB on board, and 16TB with the RackServer+Plus Expansion [...]

VidaBox Releases RoomClientHD Extender – Able to Stream Blu-ray Movies in Full 1080p

Here's another reason to look at VidaBox's line of Digital Home products when you're considering making your next purchase. The guys at VidaBox have custom built a mini, near silent extender client for their VidaBox Server called RoomClientHD. The funny thing is that it's really a mini Windows Vista PC running Home Premium. However, what's [...]

VidaBox Intros the Ultra-Compact PicoPC Designed to Add Connectivity Any TV

At first glance, the VidaBox PicoPC with Windows XP embedded looks like a interesting and desirable product until you find out that the company wants $929 for it. What you get: A mini 1.25-inch thick PC that weighs less than 14oz. and has no moving parts (in other words silent) Optional 16GB of built-in solid state storage RS-232 [...]