Redbox and Verizon Partner to Offer Internet Streaming

In an attempt to ensure that theay aren't lef tbehind in the digital content stakes  Redbox and Verizon are partnering up and hoping to steal a march on Netflix, the encumbent market leader for streaming video and DVDs.  Netflix offers both whereas Redbox only had DVDs that one has to drive to get.  So very [...]

Verizon Plans Home Connectivity Services Expansion

In October Verizon introduced its Home Monitoring and Control service that provides simple energy management and home automation choices, and is now looking to expand its services within the next 12 months. Verizon follows additional bug service providers, Vivint, Comcast and ADT into the remote monitoring and home control area, although with a reduced monthly [...]

Verizon’s Flex View VOD Service Coming to Roku for Non-subscribers?

The rumor is Verizon is eyeing devices like the Roku player for reaching non-subscribers. My first thought was: "Wow, premium TV piped through an over-the-top player. That's cool." However, that's not what this is. Flex View is a cross-platform VOD service current subscribers can access to rent movies. Verizon, according to NewTeeVee, is actually considering [...]

Motorola XOOM Gets Priced: $599.99 on Verizon with 2-year Contract

As hard as the blogosphere tried to give Motorola a hard time for pricing the 4G LTE Motorola XOOM at $799 (unsubsidized), we now know officially that the Android Honeycomb, dual-core Tegra 2 toting Motorola XOOM will be available through Verizion for $599.99 with a 2-year contract starting February 24th. A quick check of how much [...]

Verizon Tells the FCC to Shove It – Believes the FCC Is Overstepping Its Authority with Its Quest for ‘Net Neutality’

Verizon is taking a big step today by filing an appeal against the FCC's self-imposed powers to regulate the Internet, a duty not granted by Congress. Verizon's press release attached below is pretty self explanatory, claiming that the FCC is overstepping its authority and is actually hurting openness and innovation on the Internet with its new [...]

Verizon to Offer Samsung’s GALAXY Tab

BGR has proof that Verizon will begin selling Samsung's GALAXY Tab in the coming days. The photo above shows the tablet listed in its inventory, so one can assume it will be available through store outlets at launch (it's set to debut September 2nd). Rumor also has it that Verizon will also be stocking a [...]

Verizon FiOS Demos Live TV Streaming on the iPad

A glimpse of the future, folks. Verizon today is showing off a new FiOS app for the iPad that can stream live TV from your home's FiOS TV set-top via Wi-Fi. The app also includes a "What's Hot" dashboard of trending shows that updates every 5 minutes. The use case scenario Verizon envisions is that [...]

Verizon’s FiOS TV Platform Goes Social

In case you've ever wondered what the Twitterverse is saying about a particular show you're watching in real-time, now you'll be able to with Verizon's FiOS TV service. Today the company is announcing that subscribers will now be able to see Twitter user comments related to programs/movies they're watching, view updates from Facebook contacts, and [...]