Verizon Plans Home Connectivity Services Expansion

In October Verizon introduced its Home Monitoring and Control service that provides simple energy management and home automation choices, and is now looking to expand its services within the next 12 months. Verizon follows additional bug service providers, Vivint, Comcast and ADT into the remote monitoring and home control area, although with a reduced monthly [...]

Verizon’s Flex View VOD Service Coming to Roku for Non-subscribers?

The rumor is Verizon is eyeing devices like the Roku player for reaching non-subscribers. My first thought was: "Wow, premium TV piped through an over-the-top player. That's cool." However, that's not what this is. Flex View is a cross-platform VOD service current subscribers can access to rent movies. Verizon, according to NewTeeVee, is actually considering [...]

Android Powered Motorola Tablet with Verizon Wireless / FiOS TV Support Coming in Fall 2010

This is potentially big news. The Financial Times is reporting that Motorola is working with Verizon to release a 10-inch Android tablet in Fall 2010 that will leverage its wireless network for data and have the ability to work with its FiOS TV service, which Motorola has a hand in as well — at the [...]

Verizon’s FiOS TV Platform Goes Social

In case you've ever wondered what the Twitterverse is saying about a particular show you're watching in real-time, now you'll be able to with Verizon's FiOS TV service. Today the company is announcing that subscribers will now be able to see Twitter user comments related to programs/movies they're watching, view updates from Facebook contacts, and [...]

Westell Awarded Next-Generation Home Gateway Business at Verizon

Westell Technologies announced today that they have been selected by Verizon to provide high-performance broadband home routers that upgrade the speed and capabilities of FiOS services. Westell’s UltraLine Series3 Gateway, with its WireSpeed® routing technology and dual-core processor, allows Verizon to leverage the capacity of their fiber-to-the-home network while enabling new applications like media sharing, [...]