Ubuntu Gains Multitouch Control via Webcam Visual Input

The students at ENAC have got a new trick up their sleeve. Remember, they're the ones who managed to give non-touch enabled software uTouch support in Ubuntu with a technology they call GINN. Now, they're figured out a way to use a standard webcam to track hand gestures and convert them into commands the OS [...]

Ubuntu 11.04 to Include Unity as the Default Desktop Interface (Look Out Mac OS X Lion)

I hinted to this yesterday with our post on uTouch atop Ubuntu's new Unity interface for notebooks. It turns out that Ubuntu will include, according to Ubuntu founder, Mark Shuttleworth, at the Ubuntu Developer Summit going on this week (video coverage), its custom Unity interface as the default UI on top of GNOME for [...]

Ubuntu Demos uTouch Atop Ubuntu’s New Unity Interface for Netbooks

We've covered uTouch and Ubuntu Netbook Edition (UNE) on this site before — noting that the company is steps away from being able to create their own tablet OS variant (something that was rumored about earlier this year). Now the Ubuntu Developer channel has produced a video demonstrating uTouch atop Ubuntu's new Unity interface in [...]

Canonical Announces the Release of uTouch for Ubuntu OS

This week Canonical, the backers of Ubuntu, announced that the next release of Ubuntu 10.10 will ship with a multi-touch and gesture stack called uTouch, which integrates all the way down to the kernel level. uTouch will include an open source gesture recognition engine and gesture API that software developers can tap into that will [...]