Wirelessly Connect Speakers to Your PC with Plugable’s $36 Wireless Audio Kit

We've seen a bunch of ways to wirelessly output audio from your PC to a stereo across the room, but none have looked as simple or inexpensive as the Plugable Wireless Audio Kit. Essentially, it's a wireless receiver and USB dongle that connects to your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC without drivers. Just plug it [...]

Infinitec IUM Infinite USB Memory Device

No one likes the idea of hooking up an external USB storage drive to a media playback device. Think about it... do you really want to carry your hard drive back to a PC every time you need to add or delete files? Or how about sneakernetting your drive to different rooms in order to [...]

HSTi Wireless Media Stick Brings Shared PC Media Files to Any Device with a USB Port

Here's an intriguing device that made its first appearance at CES. The $119.99 HSTi Wireless Media Stick is a USB dongle that you can attach to any media playback device that can read files from a USB drive (i.e. Blu-ray player, TV, stereo, game console, digital picture frame, etc.). Unlike a traditional thumbdrive with limited [...]

TruePower UCS Power Outlet with Built-In USB Ports

A mac-centric electronics e-tailer, FastMac.com, has listed a new patent-pending UCS power outlet that features 2 x USB ports. The beauty of this $9.95 device is that it can be installed on any existing wall outlet with no special wiring. What's more, the USB ports have been designed to only draw power when something is [...]

REVIEW: Pogoplug Network USB Storage Adapter

The Pogoplug has been out for a few months now and recently added some new social sharing features, so I decided to see if I could get my hands on one to keep and review. One thing I noticed, though, is that many of the past Pogoplug reviewers just talked about how to attach the Pogoplug [...]

Motorola Labs’ Media Mover (aka MCU3E) Gets a Makeover

ZNF has new pics and details of Motorola Labs' Media Mover (formerly known as the MCU3E). The do-it-all USB gadget is capable of transcoding DVR stored video for transfer or streaming (locally over Wi-Fi / Bluetooth or remotely) to various devices. In addition, Media Mover now sports a SD Card slot and can DRM-wrap video [...]

Addonics Intros a $55 NAS Adapter for USB Storage Drives

Ever wish you could convert your large external USB storage drive into an NAS server? Well, Addonics says you can easily for $55. Just plug your USB drive to the back of this peripheral and connect the adapter via Ethernet to your router and you're good to go. The Addonics NAS Adapter essentially converts your [...]

Pair USB Devices Wirelessly with Cables Unlimited Wireless USB Kit

Ever wish you could access many of your USB peripherals wirelessly? If yes, Cables Unlimited has a unique $129 solution that you might be interested in if your a Windows XP or Vista user. The company's Wireless USB Kit is a receiver and transmitter duo that is designed to work with a single USB device [...]