TwonkyMedia: Connected Home/DLNA Best Practices

If you're in the market for a digital media adapter or any kind of DLNA/UPnP powered device, you may want to spend a few minutes reading TwonkyMedia's Connected Home/DLNA Best Practices. The guide has been designed to help the general consumer make sense of the networked device landscape, as well as, what to look for [...]

Revenue from Networked Home Media Devices Expected to More Than Double by 2012

ABI Research's "Home Networking Market Data" is forecasting that networked home media device makers will see revenues jump from approximately $100 billion in 2009 to over $243 billion by 2012. The jump is being attributed to the recent introduction of networked HDTVs and Blu-ray players, which they believe will be strong categories going forward, as [...]

Smartphone Version of TwonkyMedia’s DLNA / UPnP Server Now Available

This is big news! Now any Wi-Fi enabled smartphone theoretically can become a UPnP media server — serving up stored photos, videos, music to game consoles, media adapters, networked TVs, photo frames, etc. According to the PacketVideo's press release, TwonkyServer Mobile can stream content to multiple devices at once and even take phone calls while [...]

DIRECTV Becomes Latest DLNA Promoter

Today the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) has appointed DIRECTV, America's #1 satellite TV provider, to become its latest evangelist of DLNA Certified devices and services, which make use of standards-based technologies like UPnP for streaming PC stored media around the Connected Home. While this news probably doesn't mean much to consumers in general, it [...]

Addonics Mini NAS Enclosure

While this isn't the first NAS product we've seen that doesn't come with a hard drive, the $69 Addonics Mini NAS is the first to offer the flexibility to use a 2.5-inch SATA, 2.5-inch Solid State Drive, 1 x Compact Flash (adapter req.), or 2 x Compact Flash (adapter req.) drives for storage. The Addonics [...]

Fonera 2.0n Router / NAS / Media Server

It's been a while since we've talked about FON and its Fonera routers. Luckily, a couple of recent video clips of the Fonera 2.0n in action has prompted me to revisit the current offering. For those unfamiliar, the FON Wi-Fi network consists of routers purchased by users like me an you who share their broadband connection [...]

UPnP Forum Celebrates 10 Years of Existence

Everyone who enjoys the benefits of network media streaming across various devices, computers, and applications should give the UPnP Forum a big virtual hug today on their 10th birthday. Seriously, without the UPnP Forum we would probably still be in the dark ages where only devices and applications with their own proprietary standards can communicate with each other [...]

Iomega Announces the StorCenter ix2-200 ‘Green’ Network Storage Appliance

If you remember about a year ago, Iomega released the first StorCenter ix2. Today the company is announcing the next-generation version of their product, the StorCenter ix2-200, with a refreshed design, energy-efficient hard drives, and newly added support for BitTorrent downloads and Time Machine backup for Mac OS X. Like its predecessor, the StorCenter ix2-200 [...]