Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop Edition Puts the User At the Heart of Its New Design

Canonical announced today the release of Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop Edition [Feature Tour], the latest version of the popular Linux desktop distribution. Ubuntu 9.10 brings changes small and large that all have a common purpose - to make Ubuntu the most user-friendly operating system available. Ubuntu 9.10 features a redesigned, faster boot and login experience, a [...]

Hulu Desktop for Linux Released

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLd1W84hDGs] It was nearly five months ago when Hulu first announced the release of Hulu Desktop for Windows and Mac. Now the Hulu Labs team has added a Linux version to the mix with 32 and b4-bit packages available for Fedora and Ubuntu. Attached here is a demo of Hulu Desktop running on Ubuntu that I [...]

Tip: Run XBMC on Almost Any PC with XBMC Live

A commenter recently brought up how he was going to use XBMC Live with an HTPC he was going to build. Honestly, I forgot that such a thing was available. XBMC Live was announced briefly in a paragraph in the August 2008 release notes of "Atlantis". Curious, I decided to take it for a spin. [...]

SmartDevices SmartQ 7 Internet Tablet

Here we go again. Back in March a Chinese CE manufacture unleashed the 4.3-inch display Ubuntu-based MID called the SmartQ 5 in Asia for less than $200 — which got a lot of people (including me) excited. Now, SmartDevices has rolled out a 7-inch (800x480) touchscreen Internet Tablet running what appears to be the same [...]

SmartDevices Launches $130 SmartQ 5 Ubuntu MID in China

Man, I'm so jealous.... As a long-time Ubuntu user, the SmartQ 5 [Translated] hits all the right buttons for me. The SmartQ 5 is a $130 (899 Chinese Yuan) Mobile Internet Device that features a 4.3-inch 800x480 touchscreen, runs a custom ARM-friendly version of Ubuntu, includes built-in Wi-Fi / Bluetooth connectivity, and provides an SD [...]

Boxee Social Sharing Features Demonstrated

I thought some of you might be interested in seeing this Boxee demonstration from one of the folks close to the project. In this video you'll see Dave Mathews (Stage Two) on DL.TV showcasing some of the platform's many social features and explains how one can easily “roll their own” Boxee system, on top of [...]

Mythbuntu 8.10 Released – Adds Wubi Windows Installer Among Other Features

As some of you may already know... Ubuntu released their latest Linux desktop OS distribution, Intrepid Ibex, on October 27th. Now, the Mythbuntu team – the guys behind the popular Ubuntu-based MythTV distro — is announcing the availability of their Ibex / 8.10 release. One of the new features that caught my attention right off [...]

A Windows, Linux and OSx86 Capable Desktop Computer?

RSOL PC today announced the upcoming release of their latest desktop computer series which is capable of running multiple operating system platforms either simultaneously or independently on traditional PC hardware and with minimal software patching. The Smooth Series Multi-Platform Desktop from RSOL PC has been tested to be compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Ubuntu, Fedora [...]