Dell 14R Dual-Boot Ubuntu Light/Windows 7 Laptop Demo

Many in the Ubuntu community are looking forward to the release of Ubuntu 10.10 this October. One reason, as you'll see here on a new Dell 14R, is the introduction of Ubuntu Light, which Canonical is working with OEMs to get pre-installed as a dual-boot option on Windows laptops — with the benefit being they [...]

Ubuntu: ‘We Have No Plans for a Tablet’

Wow, the original reports were wrong (1, 2). Ubuntu has no intention of getting into the tablet biz. Ubuntu's official Community Manager, Jono Bacon, responded to a question on the topic via UStream (00:18:55) on 6/16 by saying: "Folks, we have no plans for a tablet. So we're clear... not that I'm aware of anyway. [...]

Ubuntu to Enter the Tablet OS War: October 2010

It was May of this year when we learned that Canonical had its eyes on entering the tablet market by releasing a new lightweight OS derivative at some point in the near future. Well, we now have a date. According to Chris Kenyon, Canonical's vice president of OEM services, a tablet spin-off of the popular [...]

Canonical Plans to Take Ubuntu to TV Set-tops, Tablets, and In-car Systems

The Register is reporting that Canonical, the producer of the popular Ubuntu Linux OS for PCs, has set its sights on the embedded market. Director of Business Development, Chris Kenyon, states that its branching out to "the digital home or something you carry around." The platform that will enable this will be called Ubuntu Core, which [...]

ZOTAC ZBOX HD-ID11 Gets Unboxed, Equipped, and XBMC Loaded

There's much to like in this attached vidcast produced by ZOTAC. It features the company's latest, most capable mini barebones PC, the ZOTAC ZBOX HD-ID11. In the video you'll see the mini PC get unboxed in typical fashion, but then cracked open and equipped with the hardware needed to get the device ready for the [...]

Ubuntu One Music Store Is Real and Has Entered Public Beta

As an Ubuntu user, I've been following what started out as a rumor a month or so ago into what today is a public beta. The Ubuntu One Music Store is a new service, powered by 7digital, being integrated into Rythmbox as part of the Ubuntu 10.04 release (officially launching this April). If you're familiar [...]

System76 Meerkat ION Nettop

I just stumbled on this little beauty while looking for an Ubuntu ultra-thin laptop. What you're seeing here is System76's answer to all the other Intel Atom N330 / NVIDIA ION powered nettops like the ASRock ION 330HT, ASUS EeeBox PC, Acer Aspire REVO, etc. However, what's sets the Meerkat ION Nettop apart from the [...]

Myka ION HD Player – Features Hulu, Boxee, XBMC

Wow, I think we might have a winner here. The folks at Myka have created a hybrid HD media player / HTPC that's based on Ubuntu. The Myka ION provides a custom media dashboard that one boots straight into on top of a fully configured and optimized PC that supports Hulu, Boxee, XBMC, and other [...]