Cloud Storage / Music Services: Ubuntu One vs. Amazon Cloud Drive

Sure, Amazon may have beat Apple and Google at the cloud-based music store game today. However, it seems everyone in the tech news world has selective amnesia and forgot that Ubuntu launched a similar service to Amazon Cloud Drive / Player exactly a year ago. Below is how Amazon's newly announced service compares with Ubuntu [...]

Ubuntu One Music App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is Now AirPlay Capable

This is kind of interesting.... Ubuntu One, Ubuntu's cloud storage locker service with music purchase and multi-device sync support, is now AirPlay capable, thanks to iOS 4.2. What that means, essentially, is that Ubuntu One Music (part of Ubuntu One Mobile) can stream your cloud-stored MP3s directly to an AirPlay compatible device, like the new [...]

Ubuntu One Music Store Is Real and Has Entered Public Beta

As an Ubuntu user, I've been following what started out as a rumor a month or so ago into what today is a public beta. The Ubuntu One Music Store is a new service, powered by 7digital, being integrated into Rythmbox as part of the Ubuntu 10.04 release (officially launching this April). If you're familiar [...]