Always Innovating Prepping an Innovative Combo Netbook / Touch Tablet Called the Touch Book

This has got to be bar far one of the most impressive pieces of hardware I've seen in quite some time. The Touch Book, by a small California startup called Always Innovating, is designed to work both as a netbook (with an unheard of 10-15 hour battery life) when attached to its keyboard dock or [...]

Sneak Peek: VMware MVP Hypervisor Virtualizing Windows CE and Android on a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

[youtube=] Now this is just plain cool! Attached is a video of VMware's forthcoming MVP Hypervisor visualization app that's capable of managing various operating systems on a single portable device. As you can see here, VMware MVP has no problem running Windows CE and Android on top of Nokia's Tablet Linux OS. I don't know about [...]