TwonkyServer/Manager Gains Content Aggregation, Auto Copy, TwonkyBeam, and WMP 11/WHS Compatibility

BIG update, folks! PacketVideo has taken the wraps off some new features included in TwonkyServer 6.0 and TwonkyManager 2.0. First off is Content Aggregation. This new feature enables TwonkyServer to aggregate all shared media detected on the home network and present it in a unified manner accessible from any DLNA/UPnP compatible device. Heck, it even [...]

TwonkyMedia: Connected Home/DLNA Best Practices

If you're in the market for a digital media adapter or any kind of DLNA/UPnP powered device, you may want to spend a few minutes reading TwonkyMedia's Connected Home/DLNA Best Practices. The guide has been designed to help the general consumer make sense of the networked device landscape, as well as, what to look for [...]

TwonkyServer Mobile Demo’d Doing Its Media Serving Duties

If you were excited to learn about TwonkyMedia's new TwonkyServer Mobile app for Android, have a look at the following video demonstrating how the DLNA / UPnP media server app for mobile devices functions in the real world. In a nutshell, the TwonkyServer Mobile app catalogs all your phone's media (photos, music, videos) and makes [...]

Smartphone Version of TwonkyMedia’s DLNA / UPnP Server Now Available

This is big news! Now any Wi-Fi enabled smartphone theoretically can become a UPnP media server — serving up stored photos, videos, music to game consoles, media adapters, networked TVs, photo frames, etc. According to the PacketVideo's press release, TwonkyServer Mobile can stream content to multiple devices at once and even take phone calls while [...]

TwonkyMedia WHS Add-In Released

Good news for DIY Windows Home Server builders and consumers who've purchased WHS systems. We Got Served is reporting that TwonkyMedia has finally released a WHS Add-In [v5.1] of their server product that anyone can purchase and install for $29.95. Note: If you own an HP MediaSmart or a Fujitsu-Siemens SCALEO, your system already has [...]

Watch DLNA Media Server Content Directly in Windows Media Center with tubeCore

A new add-in for Windows Vista Media Center has some interesting potential. While currently in Alpha stage, tubeCore is capable of integrating content found and delivered by PlayOn, TVersity, and TwonkyMedia (other DLNA / UPnP media server applications coming soon) directly into Windows Media Center and even Media Center Extenders like the Xbox 360. TGB [...]

HP Unveils a Pair of New Juiced Up MediaSmart Servers with Added Mac Time Machine Support

If you live in a dual Mac and Windows PC environment, HP's new ex485 (750GB - $599) and ex487 (1.5TB - $749) MediaSmart Servers launching in February 2009 are going to be right up your alley. The new machines, which come packed with a 2Ghz 64-bit Celeron processor and 2GB of DDR2 RAM, now offer [...]

TwonkyMedia Manager PC Server App Released for UPnP / DLNA Compatible Devices

As most of you know already, UPnP PC server apps traditionally have been pretty bland and limited in functionality. Seriously... their sole purpose is to provide media streamers connected to your TV or Internet radios a database of available media content for playback (and handle any transcoding duties, if necessary). Well, one of the leaders [...]