Annoyingly Loud TV Commercials Are Steps Away from Being Outlawed

Good news! The US Senate has passed the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (aka CALM). The bill now goes back to the House, who previously gave it the green light, for final approval and then to the president's desk for signing. I for one am looking forward to this. The new law would put the [...]

Clicker Reports 90% of 2009/2010 TV Shows Can Be Found Online

Make your way over to the Clicker Blog. The guys have sifted through their data of TV shows available online and found some interesting trends. Highlights: 90% of TV shows are available online at one time or another for viewing, 50% of those became available within a day of airing, and %60 of those [...]

Social TV Website, Tunerfish, Now Open to All

I was just reading about Tunerfish's partnership with HBO to promote the upcoming season premiere of True Blood and decided to double check if was now open to the public (previously in closed Beta). It is! Sign up right now using your Twitter or Facebook account and complete your profile. Tunerfish will optionally setup [...]

Tunerfish – A Work-in-Progress with Potential for Social TV

No doubt about it... TV is becoming social. Below is an interview with Tunerfish lead, John McCrea (former Plaxo VP of Marketing). A must-see in my humble opinion. McCrea describes what Tunerfish is all about — currently in private beta — and how he sees TV and the Web merging. In a nutshell, Tunerfish is [...]

Study Finds: Less Than 8% of U.S. Households Would Consider Canceling Pay-TV Service in Favor of Online Video

Good news for cable companies. Parks Associates' All Eyes on Video study finds that the primary threat to the cable/satellite TV business is their traditional competitors — not online video portals or file sharing sites. In fact, the percentage of household who would consider discontinuing TV service in favor of online video only has dropped [...]

TVCatchup Brings UK Television Online

In case BBC iPlayer's current crop of online TV channels isn't enough for you, a fairly new online service called TVCatchup provides live streaming access to 18 channels through its browser-based service and 24 through its cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) Adobe AIR application. Unfortunately for most of us, content access is restricted to UK residents [...]

Wii-Style Controllers the Next Big Thing for TV Browsing?

Research firm, Strategy Analytics, has published a new survey report titled “Consumer Imperatives for Digital TV Media Browsers” which found that Wii-style, motion-sensing TV remotes may be the next big thing for browsing media applications in next generation TVs. The survey also found that wireless PC-style keyboards came in a close second with traditional [...]

TV Media Browsing Demand to Rise with Internet Video as Default TV Feature

A US consumer study into High Definition TV purchase drivers carried out by Oregan Networks™, an Internet TV software company and Micronas®, a leading supplier of innovative TV application-specific IC system solutions, has revealed that the ability to access the Internet from the comfort of the living room in parallel or in addition to watching [...]