XBMC Eden Beta Reveals Myriad Improvements, More Control Over Them

Just in time for the New Year, the XBMC team have released the first beta version of XBMC 11, codenamed Eden. Eden follows on from XBMC 10 Dharma, which itself entered beta 16 months ago and was released this time last year. The developers have not been idle in that time, as you can see [...]

New DLNA Interoperability Guidelines Will Turn Your TV Set-top Box into a Home Server

DLNA has announced that new interoperability guidelines, created in conjunction with global cable, satellite and telecommunications service providers, will allow TV set-top boxes to stream premium movies and TV shows to DLNA certified consumer electronic devices like your connected televisions, game consoles, Blu-ray disc players, tablets, and smartphones. The new technology will leverage DTCP-IP protected [...]

Google Invites Bloggers, News Outlets, and TV Networks to Tag TV Show Content

This is kind of wild, though not unexpected. Google late last month announced it has begun supporting new video tags for Video Sitemaps and mRSS feeds "where [one] can specify metadata specific to television or episodic content." The idea, it seems, is that Google wants to gather as much relevant info from publishers — be it bloggers, [...]

Make All Your Windows Media Center TV Recordings iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Apple TV Accessible with Simple.tv

For anyone who has tried to convert all their TV show recordings done through Windows Media Center into a format that's compatible with their iDevices, Simple.tv is now your new godsend. Simple.tv takes all the work you would have done manually to transcode and organize your files and makes it a background process. Simple.tv converts [...]

Rovi and Delivery Agent Team Up to Provide Users ‘Shoppable’ TV Electronic Program Guides

Rovi and Delivery Agent are announcing today that they have formed a partnership that will bring TV owners with Rovi-powered EPGs the ability to make purchases of related goods showcased within or connected to specific programs using only their TV remote. As you can see in the screenshot above, The Biggest Losers' program page displays [...]

My Movies to Begin Testing TV Series Support March 1, 2011

Per numerous user requests, My Movies' developer, Brian Binnerup, has confirmed that he will begin testing TV series support in My Movies this March with a group of select members who have earned a total of 2,500 points. It will take advantage of the platforms' webservices to pull in cover art and metadata for each [...]

Twitter’s Real-time Activity Spills Over to Live TV Engagement

RWW has a great post on "What Glee Means for Twitter & Television." As many of you already know, more and more people are watching TV with their smartphone, tablet, or notebook by their side, updating friends on their viewing activity through various social networks. As such, one can easily follow a status update, fan [...]

Microsoft Working on Expanding TV Content Options for the Xbox 360

Reuters is reporting that sources close to Microsoft have confirmed that the company has been courting TV networks to license their programming for a new online pay-television subscription offering. The TV content would be delivered through the Xbox 360 game console and potentially be available to Windows Media Center powered devices like the new Windows [...]