Tunerfish Mobile Social TV Check-in and Discovery App Released

The guys at Tunerfish have put together a "no-budget" TV commercial for their new iPhone / iPod touch app — Android version coming soon. In a nutshell, the Tunerfish mobile app allows users to scan a "live stream" of what their friends are currently watching, as well as a list of trending shows consisting of [...]

The Emergence of Social TV via ‘Check-in’ – The Good and Bad

No one is quite sure what the next step for TV and the Internet is going to be. Some, like Google, think it will be by bringing the Web through the actual TV, while others like GetGlue, HotPotato, Kickfour, Tunerfish, Miso and Philo, believe we'll use our 'net-connected portable devices to interact with friends while watching [...]

Social TV Website, Tunerfish, Now Open to All

I was just reading about Tunerfish's partnership with HBO to promote the upcoming season premiere of True Blood and decided to double check if Tunerfish.com was now open to the public (previously in closed Beta). It is! Sign up right now using your Twitter or Facebook account and complete your profile. Tunerfish will optionally setup [...]

Tunerfish – A Work-in-Progress with Potential for Social TV

No doubt about it... TV is becoming social. Below is an interview with Tunerfish lead, John McCrea (former Plaxo VP of Marketing). A must-see in my humble opinion. McCrea describes what Tunerfish is all about — currently in private beta — and how he sees TV and the Web merging. In a nutshell, Tunerfish is [...]