RCN and TiVo’s new Home Solution

The Washington D.C. area has been selected for the initial rollout by RCN Telecom Services of the Whole Home Bundle by TiVo. It's being pushed as the 'whole home solution' and the monthly package delivers the four tuner Premiere Q and a Preview Extender. At the moment you won't get features like pausing live TV, but [...]

Best Buy Launches the TiVo-powered Insignia Connected TV

Looks like Best Buy might have a winner on their hands. Best Buy just took the wraps off its Insignia Connected TV, which brings all the goodness of TiVo — sans DVR functionality and universal search — with a sprinkling of Chumby apps. According to Best Buy's VP of Product Management, the company decided to [...]

Cisco Videoscape Demo at CES 2011

OK, now that we can all view Cisco's presentation of Videoscape at CES 2011 (previously they posted a bogus video demo on their product page — it's still there, by the way) the new Videoscape platform is hands down the most advanced Smart TV platform unveiled to date. I stated that they've taken a page [...]

TiVo’s Cable Partners Are Forbidden to Enable Netflix and Hulu Plus on Their Set-tops

Newteevee has been covering what's been going on with TiVo's new cable box partners. It turns out that any cable operator TiVo licenses its platform to can't support a Netflix or Hulu Plus app (coming soon) to supply network TV content outside the service. It's no problem with an off-the-shelf CableCARD-equipped TiVo Premiere box, but [...]

‘TiVo App for iPad’ Brings TiVo Premiere a Second Screen Option and Social TV Features

Looks like TiVo has been paying attention to the Social TV space and what Comcast has been up to with the Xfinity TV App for iPad. The company today is announcing the availability of a new FREE iPad app that essentially functions as a second screen for the TiVo set-top. So while watching live TV, [...]

Hulu Plus to Land on TiVo Premiere DVRs in the Coming Months

TiVo says, "me too." The company is announcing that its TiVo Premiere DVRs, announced back in March, will provide access to Hulu Plus content in the coming months (like the other guys). Interesting, isn't it, that they chose to only support TiVo Premiere DVR subscribers only? Anyone know if there's a technical reason why they couldn't support [...]

TiVo Slide Remote Finally Arrives

If you remember back in March 2010, TiVo unveiled its TiVo Premier / Premier XL DVR to the market. One of the cool new features of the offering was the optional Bluetooth slider QWERTY keyboard remote that's supposed to make on-screen text entry from up to 30-feet away a breeze. Well, the product has finally [...]

NETGEAR Unveils Its New 2/4/6-Bay ReadyNAS Ultra Family

These days it seems customers have an endless number of networked storage device options to consider — including backup services in the cloud via PC software. Being the case, NETGEAR has taken the kitchen sink approach and unveiled a new line of ReadyNAS Ultra products that includes every conceivable function one would want, and some [...]