Amazon’s Digital Media Device Hot List for 2010

Love 'em or hate 'em digital media adapters and networked set-tops are what bring users content from the web and/or from their networked PCs to a TV. Below is Amazon's bestsellers list for today (minus the peripherals and devices without network connectivity), which is a good gage for what people are buying out of all [...]

‘TiVo App for iPad’ Brings TiVo Premiere a Second Screen Option and Social TV Features

Looks like TiVo has been paying attention to the Social TV space and what Comcast has been up to with the Xfinity TV App for iPad. The company today is announcing the availability of a new FREE iPad app that essentially functions as a second screen for the TiVo set-top. So while watching live TV, [...]

Hulu Plus to Land on TiVo Premiere DVRs in the Coming Months

TiVo says, "me too." The company is announcing that its TiVo Premiere DVRs, announced back in March, will provide access to Hulu Plus content in the coming months (like the other guys). Interesting, isn't it, that they chose to only support TiVo Premiere DVR subscribers only? Anyone know if there's a technical reason why they couldn't support [...]

TiVo Unveils TiVo Premiere (Keeps Fingers Crossed Customers Pay Attention)

It's been a while since anyone has heard a peep from TiVo. Well, now we know what they've been working on. Their new flagship product is called TiVo Premiere and it's being positioned as "the one box to rule them all." Ah, yeah... right. While the new TiVo Premiere (320GB - $299.99) and TiVo Premiere [...]