CrunchPad Launch Prototype Gets a Facelift

Nearing its official introduction in July, TechCrunch has published new computer renderings of what the finalized CrunchPad will look like. I agree with Michael Arrington that the launch prototype looks better than the original concept design. The new enclosure looks sleeker and it's now said to be made of aluminium instead of plastic. Another nice [...]

Near Finalized CrunchPad Photos Inadvertently Hit the Net

A funny thing happened today. TechCrunch's Michael Arrington inadvertently gave his Facebook and Posterous followers a peek of what looks like the soon to be released CrunchPad. Unlike the prototype demo we all got to see back in January, this CrunchPad model looks like it's ready to go to market (there's even a packaging shot [...]

TechCrunch Shows Off Working (Internally Designed) Web Tablet Prototype

[youtube=] It's hard to believe that it was just about 7 months ago that Michael Arrington at TechCrunch proclaimed he wanted to see a no nonsense $200 “Touch” Web Tablet produced that booted directly to a browser and allowed him to check and respond to email, surf the web, watch flash-based video, and make VoIP calls [...]