Wii-Style Controllers the Next Big Thing for TV Browsing?

Research firm, Strategy Analytics, has published a new survey report titled “Consumer Imperatives for Digital TV Media Browsers” which found that Wii-style, motion-sensing TV remotes may be the next big thing for browsing media applications in next generation TVs. The survey also found that wireless PC-style keyboards came in a close second with traditional [...]

Microsoft Gaging User Interest on the Hypothetical Availability of a Surface-Like Computer for Consumers

It wasn't that long ago that Microsoft introduced Surface to public. Originally, it was thought that it was going to be rolled out to consumers in some fashion and to businesses for infotainment purposes. As luck would have it, only hotel chains, cellular service providers, casinos, and other companies have been able to get there [...]

San Francisco, Miami and Los Angeles are the Most Connected Cities, Based on Home Networking Adoption, According to MultiMedia Intelligence

Among the top designated marketing areas (DMAs), San Francisco, Miami and Los Angeles are the most connected cities, based on home networking adoption, according to new research from MultiMedia Intelligence. A wired or wireless home network allows consumers to connect multiple PCs and printers, and to share Internet access among computers. "Our research identified significant variations [...]

7 Out of 10 People Who Own a DVR Say They Can’t Live Without It According to NDS Survey

More than 70% of DVR owners say that they cannot live without their DVR, according to a new survey commissioned by NDS, [...]

Consumers Listening to Music More and More on TVs

In a new survey by Parks Associates, roughly two-thirds of U.S. and Canadian broadband households reported regular use of a PC to play music while at home, and one-third said they use a television to listen to music. MP3 players ranked equal to TVs, with one-third of households using these platforms for music, in the [...]

Avid Technology Consumers: Ahead of the Curve

Mindset Media, an online ad network that enables brand advertisers to reach millions of people with the personality traits that fit their brands, released today a Mindset Profile(TM) of avid technology consumers, which the company generated from a recent study conducted using Nielsen's Online panel. How does a technology gadget get picked up by the masses? [...]

Broadband Internet Speeds Seen as More Important to Consumers Than HDTV and Other New Services, According to New Pike & Fischer Report

Cable, satellite TV and now even telephone companies have been heavily promoting a variety of new services, ranging from high-definition video to movies on demand. But communications industry leaders believe the best way to attract and keep customers is by providing the fastest Internet speeds, according to a new Pike [...]