Redbox and Verizon Partner to Offer Internet Streaming

In an attempt to ensure that theay aren't lef tbehind in the digital content stakes  Redbox and Verizon are partnering up and hoping to steal a march on Netflix, the encumbent market leader for streaming video and DVDs.  Netflix offers both whereas Redbox only had DVDs that one has to drive to get.  So very [...]

XBMC Eden Beta Reveals Myriad Improvements, More Control Over Them

Just in time for the New Year, the XBMC team have released the first beta version of XBMC 11, codenamed Eden. Eden follows on from XBMC 10 Dharma, which itself entered beta 16 months ago and was released this time last year. The developers have not been idle in that time, as you can see [...]

Google Gadgets: Google Media Server Released

Running Google Desktop 5 or better on your PC? Take Google Media Server for a spin. According to Google's official Inside Google Desktop blog, Google Media Server functions as a free UPnP A/V media server so users can stream audio, video, and photos from their Windows' PC to a compatible UPnP media adapter client [...]

DigiOn UPnP Software Demo at CONNECTIONS 2008

[ ?posts_id=1033117&dest=-1] [View on, YouTube, or Download] DigiOn is another company that provides OEMs a middleware UPnP A/V software stack for use in NAS and digital media adapters. However, DigiOn seems to be slightly more advanced than the competition... its platform supports content aggregation from multiple devices (usually this type of software can only access content [...]

AwoX UPnP Software Demo at CONNECTIONS 2008

[ ?posts_id=1031574&dest=-1] [View on, YouTube, or Download] Call me strange, but I'm always on the look out for new, cross-platform compatible UPnP media server applications. Basically I like any software that I can install on different computing environments and still have the same experience. Anyway... I learned about AwoX during a panel discussion at CONNECTIONS 2008. [...]