Apple’s Smart TV Project – What we Understand up to Now

It is widely recognized within the technology market that Apple is focusing on a smart internet-connected TV gadget. What do we actually understand about the 'iTV' up to now? [caption id="attachment_22485" align="alignright" width="480" caption="Image: New York Times"][/caption] There has been lots of speculation traveling about regarding an Apple TV set for many years, and it has often [...]

Steve Jobs Thinks TiVo, Roku, Google TV Are Destined to Fail – Chugs Along with Apple TV Anyway

Steve Jobs at the D8 Conference made a remarkable statement. In a nutshell, he thinks that over-the-top TV offerings are D.O.A. when it comes to the current subsidized TV set-top business model. And that only a "go-to-market strategy" with a built-from-scratch TV set-top box will be the only viable solution to innovate television as we [...]